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Google- PPV movies on youtube

This time Google may begin pay-per-view movies through you tube. This contain the new release movies offer $5 per film. You tube by now offers same kind with a few older titles of a rental cost .99 to $4 but the catalog is partial. The movie studios like Lions Gate, Sony, MGM, and Warner Bros had been talked by Google…

Google TV will offer television and the navigation capability of the web. Viewers can tune the TV to discover the programs and channels they want to watch. And advertisers can link in their commercials to take concerned viewer to the company’s website, which will allow for more effective internet marketing. Both the pay-per-view service and Google TV are lounging in the same time. This will give a more comfortable viewing experience than sitting at a computer desk or watching a film on a small laptop screen.

Moreover, you don’t need to leave your house to get the movies, there are no late fees, and you don’t have to worry about getting a DVD that is scratched and won’t play or skips constantly. Google is aiming on the popularity of YouTube to make their pay-per-view service a success. Currently, YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the web, with approximately 100 million visitors every month, and an outstanding Alexa rating of 3 worldwide. This high traffic website by now has huge addressees that will be aware of this new service when it launches.

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Honesty In Social Media Sites

There must be honesty when interacting on social media sites.That works really well and can save a lot of costs as well.It’s easy to find an article about any topics but if its unique and clear the rating of the particular article would be high.people likes to discover common and popular articles which are unique.The internet is brutel and cruel.If you achieve any success,people who care will be scrutinizing everything you say. To be active and stay in their minds, you’ll have to post on Twitter and other media multiple times a day. If you say something that seems false or is outright dishonest, someone will catch you and you’ll lose all credibility. A policy of being honest, truthful, and upfront is a good way, both to avoid mistakes and to prevent negative backlash.Honesty makes the social media marketing community functional and trustworthy.

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Old tweets being sold by Twitter

A bunch of old tweets are sold by Twitter to a firm called DataSift,which will analyze the tweets for marketing purposes.It is first such company to get access to such tweets which date back to two years.Another 1000 plus companies are on DataSift’s waiting list.

Datasift has launched a product called “DataSift Historics” which enables the companies to get insights,trends,news and public opinion about their brands. Only public tweets will be analyzed by DataSift and not the private ones.Once a tweet is deleted,it’s also deleted from Datasift’s archives.

Twitter has been focused on advertising and selling it’s data has largely contributed to it’s revenues. Bulk of the revenue has has been through advertising and Twitter does not disclose it’s finances. As per eMarketer, Twitter will earn about $259.9 million this year and $399.5 million in 2013.

Do you care about your old tweets?Your comments are welcome


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Facebook IPO likely to be launched in May

Come this May,you could be witnessing Initial Public Offering from Facebook according to the report from “All Things Digital”. Facebook would be going public mostly during the third week of May.

It’s been a long term plan for Facebook which was planning for an IPO. Facebook in November said it is targeting the second quarter of 2012 for it’s stock offering. The recent evaluation of Facebook touched nearly $100 billion and Initial Public Offering from Facebook would be the largest from technology company

A prominent analyst from Enderle Group told “An IPO from Faceebook will shape the future of the Industry and as many company’s will base their own IPO decisions on the outcome of a Facebook offering”. Social networking site LinkedIn’s shares prices doubled within minutes of trading on New York Stock Exchange last year.A lot has also been expected from Facebook IPO during May this year

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Twitter criticizes Google On the Update

Google has received criticism from Twitter on it’s major search update that was unveiled on Tuesday. Twitter claimed that it’s totally “bad” for web users as the update has made it harder for the users to find information.

The recent update Search Plus Your World allows Google to show results in SERP from it’s social networking platform in order to offer a personalized search experience for the users.

Twitter in a statement told that latest enhancements will not help the search engine giant when it comes to providing real time personalized information within its search results.

The statement said “Twitter accounts and Tweets are often the most relevant (search) results,” .”We’re concerned that, as a result of Google’s changes, finding this information will be much harder for everyone. We think that’s bad for people, publishers, news organizations and Twitter users.”

Alex Macgillivray tweeted that ” the update from Google is a bad day for internet”.Both Google and Twitter are battling for dominance in the social market which is currently headed by Facebook.


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Sponsored Stories in Facebook coming to News Feed

Sponsored Stories will be rolled out by Facebook in the news feed. From January ads will be rolled out which allows the brand to reach friends of users who have interacted with their pages.A like or comment is enough for the brands to interact with the users.

Users will be able to see sponsored stories in the news feed about people or friends they are connected to. Sponsored stories of pages which users are not a fan or friend will not be visible for the users.

Facebook spokeperson Annie Ta told “We want to be really thoughtful about this, so we’ll have a lot of rate limits in place. We hope to show people no more than one Sponsored Story in their News Feeds per day and we’ll clearly label the story. They’ll also be of the same size and treatment as other stories in News Feed.”

Sponsored Story Feed will soon be available in the ticker which appears in the upper right hand part of the site. There was no information about the brands that would be part of the roll out.The price of the news feed ad units was also not determined.Sponsored stories in the news feed will not be extended to mobile


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New Facebook Analytics for Businesses

For the past several years Facebook Fan pages have created a positive impact of engaging their brand among the public and especially they have targeted the potential customers. Fan pages are the place for the users to remain attached to their brand and recent comScore report is shows that a page is really just the place where content resides, as fans are 40 to 150 times more likely to consume branded material in their news feeds than on the actual fan page itself.The new metrics “Page Insights” in Facebook are designed especially for the business owners to know what truly maters.


An algorithm in Facebook ensures that relevant content for each user finds it’s away to their particular news feed. This relevancy is determined by number of factors including the number of times it is liked,shared or commented.When user interacts with a particular brand,it can be passed on to their friend’s friends.All brands work in a motive of increasing their fan base and the strategy works when friend of fans visit brand’s store and website.

A new metrics called “people are talking about this” has been added through which set of data counts stories that are eligible to appear in a user’s Newsfeed, such as any likes, wall posts, comments, shares, questions answered, RSVPs to events, Page mentions, photo tagging and location checkins. The metric allows the page administrator to know what posts have proven the most compelling and interactive.

All these metrics are easier to use for the business owners but for those needing something a little more data-intense, there is always the option to export to a spreadsheet.

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Verbatim Searching Introduced by Google

A new tool has been added in Google that explicitly searches for exactly and only your search terms.Personalized,corrected,suggested,related search results were removed in this verbatim.

About Verabtim Tool

Users can make use of this feature to the left menu on the SERP and choose Verbatim from “More Search Options”. Clicking on Verbatim will direct the user to a new search results page.

The Verbatim page will display only results that include:

1. Match their exact spelling

2. Include all their search terms

3.Use the same verb from(e.g running and run will be distinct)

4.Use the same plural vs singular from(cap and caps will be distinct)

5.Use same tense(e.g “is” and “was” will be seen as distinct)

Normal results won’t be appearing and some pages that will be omitted in this case would be those that use syanonyms,alternate forms and tenses and use synonyms based on the history and social connections of the user.

The “+” functionality in search queries will be replaced by Verbatim and while entering a phrase in quotes will fetch results that use exact search phrase and spelling.This feature in Verbatim will strip the results to a greater degree.

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Julpan bought by Twitter

An year old start up company known as Julpan is acquired by Twitter which will help them surface relevant results in the stream.Another important part is acquisition of the Julpan engineering team which also includes Ori Allon.

A better stream organization is the main objective of Twitter’s Julpan acquisition. Julpan’s technology was focused on precisely that sort of social update ranking.There is much more to Twitter’s acquisition than algorithmic technology. Presence of Allon and his team of 11 engineers is icing on the cake for Twitter.

Ori Allon was a former engineer in Google who left the company to pursue the Julpan project.His work entered a new high when his algorithm Orion was purchased in 2006.It still plays an important role in Google’s search rankings.

The details of the acquisition were not disclosed and the aquisition indicates a stronger focus on algorithmic ranking. Wait for for something new like tweet-optimization in the coming days.

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Web Analytics Tool Released by Twitter

Twitter announced it’s new Web Analytics tool on Tuesday which will provide a clarity to the webmasters and website owners who rely on the information network for content distribution.

The new web analytics is powered by Backtype,a social analytics company which was acquired by Twitter in July.The web analytics from Twitter is intended to provide more data on the effectiveness of their Twitter integrations.

As explained by Backtype founder Christopher Golda,the analytics will help publishers and website owners understand three key things.How much traffic Twitter is sending,how much of their content is being shared on Twitter and how well Tweets are performing.

The tool is currently beta and is free. This week a small group of partners will gain access to Twitter Web Analytics and Twitter will roll it out for Website owners in few weeks. For the developers,an API will also be released.

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