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Google and Yahoo Ad Deal Discontinued

After Microsoft opted for a bid for Yahoo in February, Google and Yahoo began several conversations to see if Google could help Yahoo to remain independent. Thus came the advertising agreement which the two companies signed in June. This deal was supposed to deliver Yahoo $250 million to $450 million in additional operating cash flow in the first year.

However,Google chose to abandon this controversial deal after the Justice Department notified the companies that it would file an antitrust suit to block it.
Google’s Chief Executive Eric Shmidt said in an interview which was posted in a blog,”We canceled the deal with about one hour to go before a lawsuit was going to be filed against our deal. We concluded after a lot of soul-searching that it was not in our best interest to go through a lengthy and costly trial which we believe we ultimately would have won.”

On the contrary,Yahoo said it would have preferred to defend the deal in court. “Yahoo strongly believes we would have prevailed in court if the Department of Justice had filed a lawsuit, but unlike Google, we were prepared to defend our agreement,”said Tracy Schmaler, a Yahoo spokeswoman in a blog.Yahoo’s Chief Executive Jerry Yang said that he was upset that Google had chosen to walk away.

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Google Accepting Third-Party Ads on AdSense

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) this Monday stated it is now taking third-party ad tags on the Google content network in North America.

“This will empower advertisers to work with approved third parties to serve and track display ads, including rich media ads, across the Google content network through AdWords, giving them more options, flexibility and control over their campaigns,” wrote Google senior business product manager Rajas Moonka in a blog post. A Google speaker stated that the company had spoken about certification with Atlas representatives and that Atlas could be specialized at some point in near future. The speaker also said she could not comment on possible enclosure of ads served by Yahoo.

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Google + Yahoo = Advertising Powerhouse

Recently, Google’s Co-founder Sergey Brin stated “We have been talking to Yahoo and we are very excited to be working with them.” So what are the two giant up to? Well, the tie between two companies could bring up a great advertising powerhouse. Though Microsoft planned to walk away from its decision of acquiring Yahoo, it looks like Yahoo is yet chasing the protective plan of grouping up with Google. The great part for Yahoo is that Google appears to be an eager partner. “We share a lot of values with Yahoo,” Stated Brin.

We all know that these two companies are been negotiating the deal but then no clue on how fat the deal is done. The two week testing of advertising program is also been done last month. Google’s software did a superior job than Yahoo’s at publishing profitable text ads next to search results, and Yahoo is taking into account its options. Using Google’s software, other than its own, could boost Yahoo’s earnings and fend off another gaining attempt from Microsoft. Actually, part of the cause Microsoft dipped its bid for Yahoo was may be because Yahoo was so fast to edge up to its main contestant and get all cozy.

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Google expects Apps would assist against Microsoft

Internet search is the largest battlefield for Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp., but the battle is rapidly moving to a new face where the bets might be just as large Last year; Google opened a package of online products, which comprises word processing, spreadsheet and other e-mail software as an option to Microsoft Office, the longtime market dominator. Google’s aim is to be present at source for a collection of essential technology products.

Going up against Microsoft and its profitable software business is daring, for Mountain View’s Google itself. Already the head in Web searches and online promoting, it is hunting for methods to get bigger beyond its roots.

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Google falls in Paid Click Advertisement

A recent report from comScore showed that Google had a flattening growth in the month of February. “Pay per click” is the agenda for many search engines for earning through the web searchers. The survey showed how web searchers are changed into ad viewers and how it helps the search engines to earn through advertisers. This has also given a close watch of the profits of Google Inc. the profit rates which always grow has fallen in the past months. the hike of 3.2 percent every year, has started to flatten in case of Google. Paid clicks, that are profitable every time has turned the other way in cash of Google.
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New Feature of Adsense

Google is soon coming up with a new feature known as “Ad Review Center”, which is particularly designed for giving more control to the web publishers who monetize their web sites with Adsense. The feature might be out in upcoming few months. It will permit web publisher review ads placement-targeted to the website, which would make sure those ads are applicable to your site’s users. When you pick up the option for Ad review center, at first you would see all placement-targeted ads currently targeted to your site and after few days you would be able review placement-targeted ads that have previously run on your site. On the other hand, you have an option of blocking the ad from appearing again if the ads are not applicable to your users.
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Microsoft Offers Free Ad-Supported Version of works

To meet the requirements of the customer and partner demand in increasing the productivity applications more, Microsoft releases the ad-funded version, and it promises to be a more affordable service. This project of Microsoft is said to be an advanced and early step towards perfection in this field where ad-supported businesses bevy. The recent report said that it will be rolling out a limited show of an ad-funded version of its application. The main aim is to provide cost effective services to the customers mainly who fall under cost sensitivity.
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Yahoo Brings Novel Behavioral Advertisements [WINDOWS-1252?] – "Yahoo SmartAds"

Yahoo recently commenced a novel type of online behavioral ads that offers targeters the option to reach highly targeted customers with outstanding information. Yahoo’s SmartAds target customers based on their conduct, place and demographic characteristics.
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MSN UK Prefills Search Box with Advertisement

According to a report MSN UK home page presently has the search box prefilled with the query “The Apprentice BBC,” successfully making it into an ad.

By clicking on “Search” it would take you to the search results for The Apprentice BBC. The first result seen is at with information about the show provided by the BBC.

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Google to run video ads from BMG, Warner

Google Inc, the search giant announced last week that it would expand testing of its much-probable video advertising system by working with two major music labels to implant video ads on web sites, which make’s money running them.

Google said it will further distribute advertising beside videos from Sony BMG Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group over its AdSense online ad system to Web site publishers in coming four-week test now underway.

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