Google- PPV movies on youtube

This time Google may begin pay-per-view movies through you tube. This contain the new release movies offer $5 per film. You tube by now offers same kind with a few older titles of a rental cost .99 to $4 but the catalog is partial. The movie studios like Lions Gate, Sony, MGM, and Warner Bros had been talked by Google…

Google TV will offer television and the navigation capability of the web. Viewers can tune the TV to discover the programs and channels they want to watch. And advertisers can link in their commercials to take concerned viewer to the company’s website, which will allow for more effective internet marketing. Both the pay-per-view service and Google TV are lounging in the same time. This will give a more comfortable viewing experience than sitting at a computer desk or watching a film on a small laptop screen.

Moreover, you don’t need to leave your house to get the movies, there are no late fees, and you don’t have to worry about getting a DVD that is scratched and won’t play or skips constantly. Google is aiming on the popularity of YouTube to make their pay-per-view service a success. Currently, YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the web, with approximately 100 million visitors every month, and an outstanding Alexa rating of 3 worldwide. This high traffic website by now has huge addressees that will be aware of this new service when it launches.

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YouTube Insight replaced by YouTube Analytics

YouTube Insight will be replaced by Youtube Analytics and this was announced by product manager Ted Hamilton in Youtube blog. In way Youtube  analytics is going to be different from Insight.Lets look at the new features of Youtube analytics

1. The key information is displayed quickly which allows the users to easily access detailed information.

2. The statistics are more detailed for the precise understanding of the content and audience.

3. The new audience retention report even provides how far the viewers are watching through the video.

Insight,a free tool from Youtube was released in March 2008 which allowed anyone with a Youtube account to view detailed statistics about the videos that they uploaded to the site.

Insight also offered information on how popular a video is in a geographic location and how popular they were in that category of all video in that market in a certain period of time. Life Cycle of the uploaded videos can also be seen in Insight offering information on how long it took for a video to gain popularity.

Several features were added to Youtube since then and in the year 2008,Discovery tab was added which elaborated how viewers found a video in Youtube.Is is through searching in Google or reveiving a link from website or email you can get to know of it.

Demographics and Hotspots tab were later added in the year which displayed view count of information age group and gender.Community tab was added in the year 2009, that showed how many times a video had been shared,rated and commented. The new analytics from YouTube has been one of the best gifts for marketers this season.

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Web 2.0 Summit:YouTube,the second largest search engine

During the Web 2.0 Summit, the Mayor of San Francisco,Gavin Newsom, pointed out that the internet is undergoing a major change due to YouTube.Each and every significant and insignificant dialogue is being recorded, and the videos are available on YouTube.Through out the summit, it got revealed that YouTube could be the second largest search engine after Google.ComScore’s most U.S search engine Rankings for August 2008 revealed that YouTube has obtained a larger level of search traffic than Yahoo.Thus Google would be fetching the top two positions for search engine traffic.

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Google needs to expose users’ YouTube viewing habits

Google now needs to hand over details of YouTube users’ viewing habits by a qualified judge presiding over a copyright violation case against the website. Viacom, the parent organization of MTV has filed a $1 billion court case against the video-sharing site gone March. It insisted that Google that owns YouTube must give up data about how members use the site, in conflict that the data would display that copyright-protected material was regularly been published and watched.

Judge Louis Stanton of the US District Court approved the request, asking Google to reveal details of each video clip uploaded to the site, along with viewers’ YouTube usernames and IP addresses. An IP address recognizes each individual computer connected to the internet however cannot be related to a name or address without the assistance of an internet service provider. YouTube usernames might further make out folks if people have signed up using their own names.

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Google – Viacom’s YouTube lawsuit ‘threatens’ Expressions

Viacom’s $1 billion copyright contravention charge against YouTube “threatens the way hundreds of millions of people legitimately exchange information” over the Internet, YouTube parent Google stated in an official response to the suit.

The response, reported by the Associated Press, was filed late Friday in U.S. District Court in Manhattan. Google says the risk comes from Viacom’s try to make “carriers and hosting providers” legally responsible for what people post. Google, in passing, has said this suit would only be determined in court

Google, in its response, said YouTube “goes far beyond its legal obligations in assisting content owners to protect their works.” Google added that YouTube has loyally followed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and responded to claims of contravention.

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New product for YouTube to be launched soon by Google

Google is now expecting to launch a fresh product for YouTube Web Video service in few months from now. Now they also have a reason for good cooperation with Yahoo, Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt stated last week.

Schmidt also stated getting the video service to make money is actually the Web search company’s top precedence for the year. He didn’t disclose details of the products, anyhow, and they are not even in first, or beta, testing. Google in brief sold search advertisements on rival Yahoo previous month, while Microsoft was trying to obtain Yahoo 😉

Schmidt said the two-week test provided good reason for the companies to discuss cooperation, but there was no deal yet. “We view the test as successful,” he told reporters before the Web Company’s annual meeting. “That’s a good basis to talk to Yahoo some more.”

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YouTube’s Geotagging now with Google Maps


Google recently announced that the local business owners could now incorporate YouTube videos (ensuring embed option to be turned on) to their listings on Google Maps. Google stated that this move was just a natural extension to its last year’s move to add geotagged YouTube on Google Earth. When video creator set up particular locations for their own videos, those videos would come in view as a unique YouTube layer of Google Maps. Further users could also launch videos on Google Maps from the Photos and Videos tab of the information bubble, which emerges when a user clicks on a particular listing. In addition they could link their video to their business throughout the Google Local Business Center.
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Google Flicks on YouTube Insights

YouTube, Google’s popular video-sharing website, recently came up with YouTube Insight, a video analytics tool, which permits users to view detailed statistics about the videos they have uploaded.

YouTube Insight offers people free access to complete information, such as when, where, and also how regularly their clips are seen. So far, the metrics had only accessible to partners and the advertisers. Only total views and users’ ratings were obtainable to those offering the 80 million-plus videos circulating on the website. This can actually assist the most successful content publishers, whose videos impress million of viewers to decide programming strategies, very much like any advertisers would do.

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How Google is Benefiting from YouTube

Since the time google has bought YouTube it is benefiting to the core. The popularity of the YouTube has made the Google most used site for amazing videos. There are about 57.4 million visitors who watched the video clips and among them 53.5 million came via YouTube. Yahoo is actually enjoying the 6.2% market share of videos present online were as Google enjoys 16.7%of the market.

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Google to share YouTube revenues with users: Report

Google Inc now plans to share the advertising revenues from YouTube with their users of the video-sharing website, according a report by Financial Times.

The newspaper quoted Chad Hurley – the co-founder of YouTube who sold the site to Internet giant Google for the amount 1.65 billion dollars previous year. The system would be introduced within a month’s time.

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