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Release of Google Chrome Version 2.0

Google has released its second version of Chrome internet browser.The first version of Google Chrome was released nearly 8 months back.Google has succeeded with bringing forth the second version by collecting immense feedback from the user and making further improvements.It has been claimed that around 300 bugs have been fixed by Google before the release of this latest version.
One of the major areas which Google has focused on is speed of the browser. Google claims that a page-loading increase of 30 percent is what Google claims it has included in the latest browser update, version Google has improved in the speed factor,it still faces a tough competition from Mozilla which has drawn the support of communities due to its immense add-on capabilities.
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New igoogle Gadget "What’s Popular" from Google

Google has launched the new iGoogle gadget known as “What’s Popular”.This gadget displays the most popular content from the web.This gadget bears a resemblance to Digg, Reddit or Yahoo Buzz,as one is able to vote the web pages. In other words ,it is possible to rate items that you like or dislike by just clicking the ratings buttons displayed close to each item. Later if you change your mind, then the ratings can be changed anytime. The What’s Populargadget ultimately searches what users liked or disliked in order to improve its ranking of interesting items.Also ,it is possible to add content that the users find interesting.What’s Popular utilizes algorithms in order to search interesting content from a combination of submissions and trends in aggregated user activity from Google services such as YouTube and Google Reader.Three categories such as stories, images and videos are available and usually all the pages are sorted according to the algorithm.

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