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I have to personally take the blame for not updating my blog regularly. I am learning to get rid of this laziness in me. Ill make sure from now on ill keep you entertained with my posts. Also blogger ftp being discontinued affected our blogs but that was not till end if May. I don’t have an explanation for not posting before may. My last posting was in Feb, that is 4 months before blogger discontinued allowing FTP publishing. Now I am back to some serious blogging I will be giving you latest updates in SEO industry and also will continue to share my experiences that I have gained over the years.


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How a blog can help your business?

First of all, blog is nothing but an online journal for every one to see or use it. A blog is now equal to website. A major aspect of blog is its content. Content is really what the blog is designed for. It is always important to keep writing in your blog in order to get post visible and drives in more traffic to your site. A blog can be used in different ways to grow your business.

Some of them are listed below:-
1. A company can use blog to post about their product. They can give detail description of each and every single product in their own blog. The blog can be used as a best platform to describe about your product.
2. You can list out various tips and tricks to achieve your goal and for others to use the same as tool.
3. You can use the blog to talk about the kind services you provide to your customers.
4. You can even use the same blog to talk about your industry or company. This will act as voice on behalf of your company for the market so that people come to know what is going on in and around the company.
5. You can give a personal approach in your blog like talking about each person reading your blog.

Using these simple strategies you can grow your business well. There are no important rules to launch a blog.

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Do you think blogging is a good business?

A company blog is most useful social media for their business. And most of the businesses believe in this. There is reason to above mention point.

Blogging allow you to communicate directly to the customers. By writing a blog for your company you are guaranteed to increase your revenues. Blogging helps you to describe deeply about your product and services which attract customer attention and tend the customer to make the purchase.

Blogging helps the customer to trust on you and your product and services. Blogging alone is not enough to gain a lead through your blog. Search engines optimizing your blog post for specific keywords phrases helps you to stand a much better chance of gaining lead through your blog. Search engine helps you to get better ranking so that you can attract the kind of customer you want. Blogging is therefore one of the best and effective marketing tool on the planet.

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subdomain or own domain blogs which one is better?

Many have questions whether sub domain blogs on blog service providers or blogs hosted on www yourdomain com is better.

As an expert in this first for more than 5 years ill tell you both don’t have any difference. whether its * , * or * there are no visible differences. As long as your blog has good back links and the feed URLs are facilitated to ping regularly your blog will be indexed regularly. Use some blog software like feedburner which helps in automated pinging from Google blog search and other blog searches. If you are into Google blog search you can be sure of that you will be included into Google search results too. Search Engines love fresh contents make sure you provide the crawlers as much fresh contents as possible.

I recommend you submit your feed URL to Google Blog ping service I am sure it will help,

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Labels categories for FTP blogger/blogspot blogs

Blogger Labels code download Free
We wrote a very simply PHP code for adding labels / categories in blogger ftp blogs. Already we have Page Element option in blogspot blogs where you just need to login to your blogger and enable the option. But for many years Blogger don’t have a proper solution for FTP blogger / your own domain hosted blogs.

We tried searching for a solution in internet and all the code infact most of them don’t work and most of them are too complicated for end users. So here we have a simple solution it has just 4 or 5 lines of coding and BOOM you are there with a nice labes menu on which ever location you include it .

Dowload this zip file and unzip in your local system, just follow the instruction in word document you should be able to work fine with it. If you are facing problems please post in comments we will try to fix the bug,

SEO Blog Team,
Blogger Labels code download Free

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Payperpost blogging no more for link juice and pagerank

Google in their december update make most of the pay per post blogs pagerank zero or a reduced pagerank to fight those sites from manipulating the search engines by writing posts and providing links so that it passes Pagerank and link juice to the site for which the content is posted and inturn manipulate google’s search results.

if you go to most of the blogs listed there are PR0, it seems google is aware of those blogs and imposed their powerful PR0 penalty on them. Google is looking into all possible areas of exploitation on their algorithm, So probably they will be killing almost all sites which sell excessive links from passing any link juice or pagerank,

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008 blogger No Comments reports netbooster was behind penalizing from google’s index,

google blogscoped reports that a famous SEO company was behind the penalty of, was recently penalized by google for using sneaky JS redirects which misleaded users, Now they are reincluded into the index after clean up of spam pages,

It seem is behind their optimization their site is PR0 now and is completely removed from the index,

Senior Google search engineer matt cutts says in his blog

“I appreciate BMW’s quick response on removing JavaScript-redirecting pages from BMW properties. The webspam team at Google has been in contact with BMW, and Google has reincluded in our index. Likewise, has also removed similar doorway pages and has been reincluded in Google’s index.”

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Yahoo has a blog bot – Yahoo-Blogs/v3.9 – Is yahoo planning to introduce blog search,

Recently we had a crawl from Yahoo-Blogs/v3.9 bot, they were searching for our xml feed, think this is new yahoo seem to be planning to start something similar to ( google’s blog search )

This is what yahoo says about their bot

“Yahoo-Blogs/v3.9 is Yahoo!’s blog indexing robot. As part of the crawling effort, Yahoo!’s blog crawler will take robots.txt standards into account to ensure we do not crawl and index content from those pages whose content you do not want included in Yahoo! Search Technology. If a page is disallowed to be crawled by robots.txt standards, Yahoo! will not read or use the contents of that page. The URL of a protected page may be included in Yahoo! Search Technology as a “thin” document with no text content. Links and reference text from other public web pages provide identifiable information about a URL and may be indexed as part of web search coverage.

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Blogger International foreign language service starting soon

Recently we saw the following posting in the google blog, Blogger seem to enhance their system with more feature that support foreign languages, This is a small extract from the google blog,

The Blogger team has begun the process of internationalizing our
service. While the posting interface and some other pages throughout Blogger are
not yet translated, they soon will be. Meanwhile, right now native speakers of
French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, traditional Chinese, simplified
Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Korean will see an increasingly familiar
version of Blogger in their own languages when they sign in.

More info here,

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