Penguin Update

Penguin Update 3.0 live testing started

Long awaited Penguin 3.0 Update is livc. We are seeing significant moving across many sites we monitor. Till now what we are seeing is excellent movement for many sites affected. Not seeing any new penalties. Sites that did not do any spam link building for the past 1 year has survived and doing well.  We at Search Engine Genie literally stopped link building work and do only overall website improvement.

Penguin Update 3.0 live testing started

So far it is good news for us but it takes lot more time before the whole testing process is done. Panda 4.1 took almost a month and still going on. I suspect Penguin update will go on for couple of weeks.

I hope this update brings good news for all our sites. So far so good for all our sites. We wish you all success with your sites.

Again there is no official word from Google but from our testing we are sure Penguin 3.0 is live now in search results and being tested across different data centers.

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Penguin UPDATE 2014 – Why Google is scared to unleash penguin again

Google to replace Penguin with POLAR BEAR:

There is a reason for Google not updating Penguin algorithm. The last penguin update or the unnatural link penalty update happened in October 2013. It has been over 10 months and we did not have a single update. It seems Google has shot its own foot by penalizing sites based on backlinks. With excessive attack on webmasters and site owners for bad link practices, Google has got itself into a mess. The big mess of negative SEO. If anyone thinks negative SEO doesn’t exist or sky rocketed after the last penguin update they are fools. We as a SEO company face ton of problems with junk links. Few of our client sites consistently receives over 1000 junk links a month. The problem is mainly with sites that do well in search engines. It has become a pain for us to request junk sites to remove links or make a huge list of links to disavow. The problem now if Google even updates it’s penguin algorithm it will hurt those sites badly. Google might think the junk links are built by us or at least the machine might think so.

Though it is positive for Google not updating algorithm the affected sites are dumped in Sandbox for ever. Sites that not affected by October update are doing great. But the ones that were affected seem to be doomed forever. Those sites don’t have an option to submit re-inclusion because the site was affected by algorithm not by manual penalty. Before a site can recover in 2 to 3 months then it became 5 to 6 months. Now it has been over a year and some of the sites that were affected by penguin update October 2013 never recovered. It is important for Google to give sites that got affected a change to fix itself. They should make their algorithm smarter in understanding negative links. IMHO this penguin update works with both machine and human intervention. It seems machine takes decision based on human input for specific sites or specific niches.

Hopefully this time Google comes out with a fantastic algorithm that can identify real spammed links and don’t penalize sites that were affected by competitor link attack. Also it is time for Google to release penalized sites from October 2013. There is 100s of 1000s of sites sitting in sandbox after that update. They show a similar pattern and never come back to rankings.

Google unleashed innocent looking penguins to kill bad seals. Now it seems the good seals are made to look nasty by blood thirsty parasites unleashed by some crazy aliens. Hope Google wakes up and understands penguin are not the right choice. We feel Polar bear can be a better choice because it can eat anything but still being selective. Hopefully the new polar bear update will tackle the blood thirty parasites we are seeing today.

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