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Check out! How Google + helps your business traffic

Google + has become one of the important tools for every business. Each owner will naturally aim for more and more traffic of customers through Google. Now, Google has developed plus to promote this small to big corporations. Page development on plus was opened on November. It’s very glad news for all holder’s of any business. Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, and now the latest social site for users to share their experience is “Google plus+”.  It has up to 90 million users.

google+1 Best Features of Google Plus:

Social Network is a Key:

Social network provides a towering profile for every good business. Google + users have a bright traction on Google SERP (search engine result page). You can find most of plus+ profiles getting displayed at Google search engine. It is a loyal traffic because of plus+ features.

Build a Society:

Always keep your circles clear with best related peoples and post. Make sure your fans, followers, friends and other circled persons are happy. Try to post at different time so that you can reach different time zone populace.

Build up Trust:

Always provide original information about yourself in profile and also in your business page. Only truth survives in Google or they are marked spammers and thrown out in any of update. Ever build trust between all your fans. Try to share media files which make your customers more and more comfortable.

Make Good Circles:google+2

Make sure the person in your circle is related to your business which is very important to develop your work. If some one share, like or comment your post try to response them. Try to offer more videos to make your customers clear information on your products. Always keep your customers complaints and issues on top.

SEO Conscious:

Every Business can be promoted in ‘+’. Try to share complete details and make it reach your customers in a fine way. Google + has become referral for many products and other service. Allow customers to share their experience. +1 button and few other features are free promotions on your business.


Google has a huge impact on people who wish to search the web. Even thought it is new platform. Massive explores are from Google. Make contacts on Google, such as clients and other fans.


You can share your interactions on hangout in personal manner. It is really feature on ‘+’. It helps business in lot many aspects. It allows you to have contact with your client directly. You can also conduct emergency meetings when your employees on remote places.

Few ideas how to make it complete:

<i> Always promote complete information’s, such us location of your business place.
<ii> Distribute your qualified content to people who are in need.
<iii> Look for a good content and post, try to comment them and also try to experience on your post too.

Lastly, keep both online and offline business benefit using Google plus+ extraordinary features. Moreover, provide stability to clients, to know what they expect.

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Google Plus Author Rank and its necessity

Google has come up with a revolutionary change for Internet marketers. The Author Rank concept is a new one that boosts up the Author’s Google Plus Profile and in a way generates more traffic for the website for which the Author had come up with the particular quality oriented content. For a long time now Google has been striving hard to come up with a comprehensive algorithm designed for generating ranks for websites based on several parameters. And finally it has come up with an interesting concept known as Author Rank that breaks down contents posted in millions of websites and scrutinizes its quality deeply and then generates a rank for the particular website based on relevancy and informative contents and other services provided through the website.

To put it in simple words, Google has forced Internet Marketers to make optimal use of its campaign to boost more traffic for their websites.

The Concept of Author Rank and its Major Role:

The Author’s Google+ profile could possibly rank in Google’s personalized searches provided it is related to the web user’s search for information. In the other words, the search phrase entered by the viewer should be related to personalized searches and this would generate a rank for the Google+ profile page of the author.

The Author Rank SEO technique makes your content stand out in the search result pages generating more traffic for your website indirectly. It is certainly quite easy to understand and implement. Quality contents generated by a particular author are now targeted and the author’s profile page gets a boost in its Page Rank along with the Page where the content is posted. Obviously, the content would contain links to the particular website. As the content becomes more visible now, your website is indirectly exposed and it derives traffic which is good for business.  Increasing the visibility of the contents and the website has been one among the major concerns of most SEO experts.

Top  reasons why you need to implement Rel=Author concept on your contents:

  1.     Makes your quality contents more predominant in the results.
  2.     Improves credibility and exposure.
  3.     Increases click through Rate
  4.     Comprehensive and versatile metrics in Webmaster Tools.

These metrics provides a better assessment of how your website is performing in terms of business generations and where are the scopes of improvement for more business. Once the Authorship is up and running, you have an additional metric known as author stats in your webmaster Tools account providing information regarding how many times the particular quality content appeared in search result pages and how many times the particular link was clicked on etc.

Ultimately, your website is more visible amongst millions of other similar websites for viewers to take a look into your website and its services. The authorship program can be easily implemented and all you need to do is follow Google’s directions for the necessary. You need a Google Plus profile that links to the page where Author Stats details are present. You also need a link from your website’s homepage to your Google Profile Page.

And every time, you generate a content, link your author name in your byline to Google Plus profile page or your author profile page with a simple code namely Rel=Author tag. And the more quality contents you develop pertaining to that particular author name, it improves the author rank of that particular profile.

Author Ranking is highly necessary nowadays for better search engine optimization and in turn business.

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