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Bing URL keyword stuffing penalty

Finally Bing is going after spammers for keyword stuffing in their URLs to gain higher rankings. Keyword stuffing in URLs is common these days. Search engines have used various methods to combat this spam. Keywords in URLs have always been a ranking factor in search engines. It has long been believed Search engines like Google, bing give good weight-age for keywords in URLs. But many SEO spammers have taken advantage of it and are spamming the search engines with sub domain keyword stuffing and other aggressive spammy methods.

Bing URL keyword stuffing penalty

If you read the post here you can very well understand how well Bing combats this spam without damaging the reputation of good sites.

Some of the ranking signals they use to detect this spam are reported in their blog

As I mentioned in the previous blog, we will not be giving out specific details on detection algorithms because spammers are likely to use that knowledge to evolve their techniques. I can, however, tell you that we look at a number of signals that suggest possible use of URL keyword stuffing, such as:

  • Site size
  • Number of hosts
  • Number of words in host/ domain names and path
  • Host/ domain/ path keyword co-occurrence (inc. unigrams and bigrams)
  • % of the site cluster comprised of top frequency host/ domain name keywords
  • Host/ domain names containing certain lexicons/ pattern combinations (e.g. [“year”, “event | product name”],
  • Site/page content quality & popularity signals

I am impressed in efforts Bing is taking to target SEO spammers. Bing is the No.2 search engine now even though their market share is well below Google. There are people who still use Bing regularly. I am one who use Bing when I use my Internet explorer because it is the default search engine for IE and I did not bother to change it .

I wish one day Bing search engine with the help of Yahoo will gain much bigger market share.

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