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Crucial Social Media Marketing Trends Updates for 2016!

To promote your brand on the social media, it is important to stay tuned to the market trends. So, read on which social media trends are going to rule in 2016!


Social media has all set to gain the potential clients for the businesses in the upcoming 2016. With the growing technology reach and increasing audiences, SMM strategies will remain in the limelight for showcasing products and services in a unique way. A research conducted by Mashable in the year 2014, shows that more than 81% of businesses ranging from startup to medium enterprises are making the full use of social media to promote their brand online. About 94% of these companies have invested in the aggressive marketing campaign. As per the forecast, the social media users are expected to reach a huge figure of 2.16 billion by 2016, in comparison to the existing 1.93 billion users in 2015, which is significantly a big leap.




However, there would be some social media marketing approaches that will no longer be effective in the upcoming year. The new social media trends have already replaced the way businesses used to approach their potential markets online. So, before you get befuddle which SMM strategy is going to work, here are some vital social media marketing trends to keep you in the loop.


1. Social Media Will Be Your New Google In 2016!


Though Google will still stay in trends for searching things online but it will be the social media that is going to influence the buyers’ decisions. So, the businesses will need to market themselves beyond the SEO and organic searches. The brands will need to keep their eagle eyes on social media users who look for product reviews on the Facebook, Instagram and others!


Are you aware that more than 88% of consumers are heavily influenced by the reviews? The comments they read online, directly impact their purchasing behaviours! This is what is going to be in trend in the upcoming 2016. Ranking on Google will help but more helpful will be ranking your social media business page having reviews. Stay alert!


2. Buy Buttons Are Set To Rule the Social Media In 2016!


With the addition of Buy Buttons on the Facebook and Pinterest, there has come a revolution in the social media marketing trends. Due to the ease of new “buy” features, it would be easier for the users to purchase a product without leaving the platform. This means a lot to the marketers as well. They can sponsor the AD and whenever a consumer finds it online, he can make a purchase with just a click. In other words, selling has been made easier with the new SMM strategies in 2016. Instagram is also following this trend and more industry social media leaders are expected to focus on this growing trend in the upcoming year.


3. Facebook’s Digital Assistant is ready To Shake the Market in 2016!


In the last August, Facebook has introduced a new social media functionality. It is the Facebook Messenger’s digital assistant which is much alike to the Siri in iPhones. It will help you in performing your requests like ordering your favourite pizza! Although it lacks a little bit in competition with Siri, still it will be a good option for the businesses who want to be listed with the Facebook products as a suggested answer to queries. This new kind of social media trend is expected to catch many eyeballs this 2016.



Social media is expected to grow at a bigger rate in 2016.


Accordingly, social media marketing trends will support the change with some out-of-box but customer-friendly approaches! As the social media giants like Facebook, Instagram have all set up for a big fight, you must stay well prepared with the social media trends mentioned here and 2016 will be victorious for your brand!


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