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Adsense not affected moving to https

Barry of pointed out that he is facing problem with adsense revenue after moving from http to https. We recently moved to https but relatively new to adsense. We never wanted to stuff our sites with ads but penguin update made us do it. I moved to https because I don’t care about back links. Many webmasters are worried they might lose back link value if they move to https. The whole purpose or one of the most important purpose for Google to make this initiative is to make sure back links don’t play that vital role anymore. We have 100s of 1000s of natural links coming to our blogs, free tools and we are not worried of any unnatural links. Only people are having many un-natural links should be concerned with losing their back link power.

Adsense not affected moving to https .

Our traffic has increased after moving to https and people trust us more now than how we were before. And NO our adsense revenue has not dropped a bit. Make by the CPC is a bit low but our revenue has been steady. From our site. Barry I think you need to look elsewhere for problems. I don’t the problem is with your https.

I recommend going for https. Now we recommend almost all our clients to move to https. It is not just for Google it also reduces hacking attempts because all data transfer is secure. I support this great Google’s initiative everything they did were for the welfare of internet except yes the killer update you know what I mean

Google has some specific instructions for webmasters who run adsense on their sites and planning to move their site to https

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Why we monetize our SEO blog

Well Search engine genie has provided free tools, blogs, forums for many years without making a single penny. All our revenue came from our once successful SEO Business. We were proud to be one of the best free SEO resource site. We always want to continue that way. But Google literally killed our Business. We used to get regular Business from existing and past clients but things have changed after Penguin update. Especially the October 2013 Penguin update killed 75% of our SEO business.

We are not worried about it. You cannot depend on Google all the time. It is their search engine we were lucky and happy to do Business using Google. Now things have changed, SEO has changed. It is mostly Do It Yourself SEO now. We also planned to move into other web related areas. We run a decent network of sites all good quality sites. Now we are pushing to monetize all our sites. Search Engine Genie is one of the high traffic sites we own. We don’t want to resort to selling links. It has always been against our policy to buy or sell links. So we thought Adsense will be ideal for us. For a site like ours where we don’t stuff our pages with ads people like to bid more. So we get some decent income from Search Engine Genie and other sites we own. We are pushing more towards a much bigger Adsense revenue Business. Google still pays us but more directly. Before we indirectly made money now we make direct revenue from Google.

We are grateful to Google and will make sure we abide by Google’s webmaster guidelines and Adsense guidelines.

SEG penguin killing

Search Engine Genie site to monetize now




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