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Supporting negative SEO petition

Recently I got an email from one of my friend saying he opened a negative SEO petition. Though I don’t 100% agree negative SEO has huge impact, i agree it exists and does some damage to competitors.

Supporting negative SEO petition

Please help spread the word and let Google know negative exists. Hopefully the upcoming penguin update addresses this issue. negative SEO petition



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Negative SEO – does it really work

Negative SEO has been the talk of the town these days in SEO industry. Many SEOs claim it works and we do believe the same way. We have seen our high ranking clients come under negative SEO attack. We did not see major impact our client rankings but we do see problem when a particular keyword is targeted for negative SEO. We have seen some major keywords that face negative SEO attack fall from 1st page to 2nd page. Other keywords remain unchanged.

Google recommends to disavow if we find negative links in our backlinks. But what happens if the links are from a very large network that Google crawls.

For example the guys at are selling 2,000,000 million links for $450. If it is possible to get that many spam links we have to work a life time to remove or disavow all those links.

Please Google wake up and tweak your algorithm to avoid negative SEO attack because it WORKS.

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