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Is excess links from social bookmarking sites harmful?

We get this question from our readers. I believe yes too much of anything is harmful right? If you are into building links from social media sites we need to make sure its done correctly. First of all we need to make sure social media links are not no-followed. No-follow links are not counted by Google. Even if the links are not no followed there are too many links submitted in sites like so most of the time it’s not worth doing excess links in social bookmarking sites. Keep in mind, you are building a “link profile” right now. Do you want that profile focused in the Social Media space? If so, you’re on the right track but maybe going about it the wrong way. The way the question reads almost sounds as if you are abusing the Social Media outlets where this stuff was supposedly submitted.

Social bookmarking sites are meant for communities which want to share pages and sites they like on the web I am sure if you want to abuse it then you are in wrong track.

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Social media marketing better than search engine marketing

Social media marketing is very interesting and fun. Your product gets lot of attention in it. Now-a-days the use of social media marketing is increasing. But the question is “Is social media marketing better than search engine marketing.”

No, social media marketing is not better than search engine marketing. And here are some reasons for the above answer.

Search engine marketing helps you to grab attention from unlimited targeted audience but social media marketing restrict the attention to the limited audience because if you join one social media website then you will be able to reach people only on that social media site. Social media marketing go far but search engine marketing goes further.

With the help of search engine marketing the success will make you feel that you have achieved something more your success with social media marketing make you feel that you have something but still there many thing to do and achieve.

In fact the use of social media marketing is not wrong decision but it should be used for better reason like it should be used to achieve the search engine marketing strategies in order to get targeted audience. It should not be your primary preference.

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Google introduces webmaster tools access provider program

Webmaster tools Access provider pilot program,

Google has recently come up with a new option in webmaster tools where they enable hosting companies to integrate webmaster tools features into their hosting plans as well their servers. Google has recently read this new technology and it works great.

With the help of Google APIs webmaster tools can be directly integrated in web hosting control panel. For products like Cpanel its very easy to get something like running using webmaster tools hosting programm, Also hosting companies which uses Google webmaster tools will receive a badge which says Google webmaster access provider which will help web hosting providers an other reason to promote their business.

Help customers understand how Google sees their site
Google Webmaster Tools helps your customers understand site traffic and diagnose potential problems by providing insight into how Google crawls and indexes their site.
Integrate directly into hosting control panel
With the Google APIs, you can integrate Google Webmaster Tools into your customer’s control panel, so customers can create accounts and submit Sitemaps without leaving your service.
Promote your business with Google’s name recognition
As part of the program you will receive a Google Webmaster Tools Access Provider badge to highlight the value of your integration to new and existing customers.”

You will get the following badge when you join their programme,

Delicious IE extension a useful tool for IE / Delicious users

Internet explorer delicious users now have a new reason to smile. has released a very neat extension for IE with some useful features.

IE features.
Near instantaneous searching with very large accounts (over 10K bookmarks)
Full sidebar and toolbar implementation with bookmark sync and typedown search
Toolbar indicators for new network activity and links for you
Works on IE6, IE7, and IE8 beta on both XP and Vista

From the day Yahoo acquired Del.icio.s this social bookmarking site has some sparkling features. Though i prefer Digg over delicious i feel delicious stands out better than Digg in features like this. Interested? Download it here.

Way to Go,


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Sanford wallace AKA Spamford wallace awarded 234$ million fine for spamming

Well people in online marketing industry for a long time should be knowing the long term spammer and one of the worst email spammer of all time Sanford Wallace. His company cyber promotions started in 1991 is one of the foremost email spamming company. He closed his company due to lawsuits and public pressure and now is resorted to spamming through more sophisticated methods.

Wikipedia has lot more information on this spammer . Well Now he is faced by a lawsuit by myspace for spamming their members using fake IDs. Now a civic court has ruled against him and he should pay 234$ million as fine to myspace for abusing their services. Well i am sure he is not going to pay this anyway i dont think first of all he has any where near that money to pay. I am sure this is just a warning lawsuit from Myspace to everyone trying to spam their users. Wallace was previously asked to pay FTC more than 4 million dollars as fine which he never paid now i am sure for the type of low life he lives he will never pay the 234 million.

Spamford wallace runs his personally blog probably started very recently here . I am not sure whether its his personal blog ( no way to authenticate ) but seeing from the postings it seems its the real sanford wallace.

The thread about recently lawsuit really attracted me.

his post

“$234 million dollar judgment
I just read that a court awarded MySpace a $234 million dollar judgment against me. That’s pretty amazing since I haven’t even been served in this case since the preliminary injunction about a year ago. Regardless, the check’s in the mail.

and his replies

admin Says:
Good demonstration of how some people base their thoughts on erroneous information. #1 The poster doesn’t understand the meaning of a civil judgment. #2 The poster clearly feels I send crap in his or her inbox even though I haven’t sent a mass commercial email in over 10 years.

admin Says:
“Innocent until proven guilty” does not apply to civil actions. And I am still waiting to be served. And I haven’t been hiding either. The whole case was one big PR move.

admin Says:
There’s a big difference between crying “its not my fault” and “they won a $234 million dollar judgment without even serving the defendant.” I’m not asking you to care about me. I’m asking you to care about what happens when a huge corporation and the gov’t have a common interest.

I personally want all the email spammers to go to hell or serve Capital punishment they are just a disgrace to internet and Internet freedom

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launching inhouse team SEO challenge

We have about 8 teams working on SEO, Currently we are organizing a small inhouse SEO challenge. The team that comes up with the best tactics that brings maximum attention to the client site/sites they work on will get a treat in one of the best local Star Hotel and one day outing to a favourite play they choose. We are running this challenge for a month and results to be announced around May 25th. May the best team win.

Tactics like Controversial articles, top level quality attractive articles, amazing tools, new innovative ideas are all allowed. We are waiting to see who is the best SEO team in our company. All teams have already started working hard and are doing lot trial and error ideas to come up with the best strategies.

Wish our teams good luck


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Effect of Stumbleupon

Stumbleupon has been a great hit in recent days. Some of our sites get huge number of referrals from stumble upon. I went through a webmaster world thread which showed a similiar experience with Stumbleupon

Pageoneresults explains here how to get started with stumble upon

Getting Started with StumbleUpon
After you’ve read the Guide and fully understand the terms and conditions of being a Stumbler, then there are 3 Steps you’ll go through to become a Stumbler…
Step 1: Join StumbleUpon and become a Stumbler…
Step 2: Connect with friends if you have them in that network.
Step 3: Install the StumbleUpon Toolbar…
Step 4: Start Stumbling.
As with any “social network”, you will need to develop a reputation within the StumbleUpon Communities and there are many. With 4.99 million Stumblers, there are all sorts of “arms and legs” inside the community.
Your goal is to of course become a Top Stumbler and that only comes with tenure. Don’t expect things to happen overnight. Think of StumbleUpon like a Digg or Sphinn…
Top Stumblers

Forum discussion in webmaster world,

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Promoting website for Social networking sites

I have got requests from clients to promote their sites in social networking sites like Myspace, Orkut, Facebook, Friendster etc. We stayed away from it because it looks like too much spam for me. Myspace , orkut, facebook are all sites for youngsters to meet their friends and relatives online. We cannot disturb them by promoting our material, Personally if I find someone trying to promote something to my myspace profile ill find all the best ways to get him banned from Myspace

If you really want to advertise for people in social networking sites go for the paid option myspace, orkut, facebook all have paid ads which will be shown to their visitors. I recommend going by that option

Personal blogs are the best one to promote in social networking sites. If you have friends in myspace you can add a link to your personal blog in your profile and this will definetely make your friends see your blog if they like your blog it will be bookmarked and they will visit your site regularly to read interesting information in it.

I recommend if you want to promote in myspace or facebook do for your blog .

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Yahoo now supports google’s effort on Open social networking

Yahoo we announced today that it has joined forces with Google and MySpace to create the OpenSocial Foundation, and will also begin supporting the OpenSocial standard. Industry consortiums such as this often start slowly and evolve over time. So far, OpenSocial is rapidly growing and adapting, but still in the early stages.

According to yahoo press release

“OpenSocial addresses an emerging problem for developers who are eagerly building applications people can enjoy with their friends: before OpenSocial, if a developer built a “favorite photos” application to work on one social network, it would have to be built all over again to work on another site. OpenSocial tackles this problem at its technology roots, providing common “plumbing” that lets social applications run on many different websites without requiring duplicate work from either developers or the websites.
The result is a vast distribution platform for social applications, whether they are for sharing photos or playing games or arranging real-world meetings or any number of other activities – everything is more fun, interesting, and useful when users can involve their friends and contacts.”

This video gives a better understanding on how opensocial works and to find more resources

Self expression and communication are often fun and entertaining alone, but OpenSocial is also a platform that can be leveraged to solve real world tasks where the social graph assists us in making decisions. For example, while some might be prone to grab a book at random off the shelf, there are many who appreciate a good recommendation from a friend. With a variety of possibilities in entertainment and interests, it can be useful to facilitate meetings, purchases, recommendations, information management and learning to create a richer, more lasting experience across your application.

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