Panda Update

Penguin 4.1 downs lyrics, games blogs and more

Latest Panda update is a huge step forward. We like Google because of these great updates. Google took down a lot of spam websites in recent update. It is not just spam websites that lost it’s rankings. Lot of blogs, free sites, lyric sites, game sites, directory listing sites etc were downed.

Two types of penalities were targeted.

1. Pure spam penalty

2. Thin content

Pure spam applies to sites that uses automatically generated gibberish, cloaking and scraping content from other websites.

Thin content sites are sites that has pages with very little or no contents. Google rarely penalize sites for duplicate or thin content. This is one of priority update from Google because it targeted low quality, thin, duplicate contents in a site.

Sites that might just replicate a big brand by selling their products are hit badly. I have seen sites seilling the same products across 100s of sites. Problem with these sites is that they have exact duplication product description, title price everything. Only the template design might be different everything else including the images of individual products will be similar. Google has pushed down these kind of sites low down their listings. It is not just these sites that are affected there are many more times which have just one line or 2 link contents that were taken down.

Google always takes excellent steps to improve search quality and we at Search Engine Genie appreciate this excellent effort from Google.

Some screenshots of sites taken down in the last 5 hours.

Panda penalty for thin content

Scam and spam penalty

Google pure spam penalty from panda

Search engines face more and more problems everyday with different types of spam. Now we have seen Panda update we want the much awaited penguin update. We know penguin update will be biggest update of the year from Google.

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Latest panda update targets thin contents

Yesterday Google officially announced they rolled out the latest update in Panda. Both Private blog networks and sites with little or no contents were targeted. There are many sites run with very low quality contents and Panda has killed most of them before. This is the latest attack on those sites and there are discussion in various forums about this update. Many report loss in 100s of sites they own.


Panda update has always been the best update Google ever made to their algorithm. We support Panda update


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