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Every day we get questions from people asking us how to get out of Sandbox. Time and again we have stressed the point. Sandbox filter exists in Google and our tool tries to relate a keyword with your current keyword ranking. If there is a big difference where you are supposed to rank then our tool will alert that your site is in sandbox. We always give free advice for site owners have problem with Google sandbox filter.


If you have problem with your site being in sandbox ask in our Sandbox tool forum

I am personally giving advice in our SEO forum. If you have questions shoot me a PM or post in our forum and I will answer your questions promptly.

Remember not all sites are in sandbox. People have asked us questions why is in sandbox for a particular keyword. Understand we don’t have time to run a tool with 100 factors integrated. If you query for “auto transport” and you want facebook to come in 1st page then you are insane. Our tool will say is in sandbox for such weird searches. So please be clear and understand we provide free service. We ask you to post in our forum for free advice. We never charge a penny for the advice you are getting from us. We are one of the best resource for articles, tools etc out there. We are not to charge for something that is freely available online. A FREE advice is always free take it or leave it.

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