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Penguin 4.0 solution to negative SEO

Negative SEO used to be a killer tool for many SEOs / webmaster to kill competitor’s search engine rankings. This was common when Penguin update came out. This was when Google said all links your site has is your responsibility regardless of who has control over it. This encouraged competitors to send 1000s of low quality spam SEO links to top ranking sites. Some top ranking sites had devastating effect because of this. Negative SEO was prevalent during 2013-2015 period. Then Google plugged the hole with updates to their penguin algorithm.

This latest Penguin 4.0 update is where Google surrendered and accepted that sites cannot be affected purely by their backlink profile. We at Search  Engine Genie were shouting out loud about this issue for years. Finally Google has woke up to the occasion and decided to ignore bad backlinks instead of penalizing a website. It took years for Google to figure out that their penguin algorithm was partially a mistake.

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Clean your backlinks Google penguin almost here

It is time to clean up your back-links if you have already not done so. If you still have lot of unnatural links built by you or your SEO company it is time to clean them. You had 2 plus full year for it. Google’s penguin update was launched in Early 2012 and it is almost end of 2014 now.

Clean your backlinks

We at Search Engine Genie stopped doing most of the link building strategies out there. We don’t do social bookmarking, link exchanges, article syndication, slide sharing and a lot more that search engines consider unnatural. We never buy links for our clients this has been our strategy since the day we launched in the year 2004. We feel buying links destroys the very method the internet works. It helps people manipulate their rankings with money. Money should never influence any sites rankings. Only quality and hard work should be rewarded.

If you want to follow about penguin update look at my friend’s blog . It has ton of information about the upcoming penguin update. We should expect a penguin this weekend. Google is getting ready for some praises and bashing.

So what you think this update will target?

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Penguin UPDATE 2014 – Why Google is scared to unleash penguin again

Google to replace Penguin with POLAR BEAR:

There is a reason for Google not updating Penguin algorithm. The last penguin update or the unnatural link penalty update happened in October 2013. It has been over 10 months and we did not have a single update. It seems Google has shot its own foot by penalizing sites based on backlinks. With excessive attack on webmasters and site owners for bad link practices, Google has got itself into a mess. The big mess of negative SEO. If anyone thinks negative SEO doesn’t exist or sky rocketed after the last penguin update they are fools. We as a SEO company face ton of problems with junk links. Few of our client sites consistently receives over 1000 junk links a month. The problem is mainly with sites that do well in search engines. It has become a pain for us to request junk sites to remove links or make a huge list of links to disavow. The problem now if Google even updates it’s penguin algorithm it will hurt those sites badly. Google might think the junk links are built by us or at least the machine might think so.

Though it is positive for Google not updating algorithm the affected sites are dumped in Sandbox for ever. Sites that not affected by October update are doing great. But the ones that were affected seem to be doomed forever. Those sites don’t have an option to submit re-inclusion because the site was affected by algorithm not by manual penalty. Before a site can recover in 2 to 3 months then it became 5 to 6 months. Now it has been over a year and some of the sites that were affected by penguin update October 2013 never recovered. It is important for Google to give sites that got affected a change to fix itself. They should make their algorithm smarter in understanding negative links. IMHO this penguin update works with both machine and human intervention. It seems machine takes decision based on human input for specific sites or specific niches.

Hopefully this time Google comes out with a fantastic algorithm that can identify real spammed links and don’t penalize sites that were affected by competitor link attack. Also it is time for Google to release penalized sites from October 2013. There is 100s of 1000s of sites sitting in sandbox after that update. They show a similar pattern and never come back to rankings.

Google unleashed innocent looking penguins to kill bad seals. Now it seems the good seals are made to look nasty by blood thirsty parasites unleashed by some crazy aliens. Hope Google wakes up and understands penguin are not the right choice. We feel Polar bear can be a better choice because it can eat anything but still being selective. Hopefully the new polar bear update will tackle the blood thirty parasites we are seeing today.

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Google Panda & Penguin Effect – Techniques To Survive

Business sites are dependent on Google search engine for much of their traffic. Search engine are more annoying when it comes for page ranking. Sometimes everything will be going great and suddenly your site becomes a drop on Page Rank.

There are two updates which have an impact on websites, Google Panda update and Google Penguin update . These updates are used for rewarding high quality sites. One of the main focuses of the Panda update was on-page optimization with good quality content. It avoids poor content with less quality and stuffed links and allows sites with enhanced quality content to come in higher. Penguin was undoubtedly a primary effort by Google to purify it algorithm as it recounts its in-coming links to a website.The primary target of Google Penguin is Webspam. For survive Google Panda and Penguin updates in the website through by these methods,


Shun Black Hat Strategy:

This method is used to violate search engine guidelines and is considered as the unethical ways of getting higher PageRank and SERP rankings. Many types of black hat approaches are there in the website, and you should avoid all these.

Avoid Keywords Stuffing:

The keywords should fit with the content. It should be relevant to the page content.Search engines don’t care if you use the “right” keywords or not – they are concern about how you use with them. Over stuff of keywords, long tail keywords, using synonyms can cause your site to fall in rankings. A good keyword should be in between 3% or 4% of your text or else it must be taken as keyword stuffing.

Analyze Link:

As mentioned above about the “use of keyword”the links should be used carefully.PageRank is a link analysis algorithm which gives websites importance based on the number of backlinks to the site.You should not have broken links.The links should be relevent to your sites.

Build Content Inventory:

Low quality content is the jeopardy when it comes to latest updates. If a site has poor content on it, have to eliminate and replace it with good quality content. Fresh content is typically satisfactory by Google. Blogs provide a trouble-free way to construct your content inventory.

Check Affiliate Ads:

There is nothing wrong with the affiliate programs.However; your site cannot be act as an exact reply of the affiliate’s site. You must give a bit exclusive to your customers. Sites which are loaded with associate ads are measured to be spam and will losing rankings. You must have additional content than affiliate ads. Posting of affiliate ads is moreover important.

Checkout SEO Strategies:

Focus the attention on customers.And your SEO should occur naturally.Google Penguin addresses to the optimization that site owners should get higher rankings for their sites. If you lose the site rankings because of Google Panda update, you could fix the problems and send a request for reconsideration directly to Google. Doing so may assist you recover the original standing of rank position or near enough to it that you can work on constructing it again. Your website design and content should be pleasant at all times.

The surviving issue is related to the class of your on-site materials. Spam is a major trouble in Google which has been trying to organize for many years. Spam sites are sites which have poor quality sites with little or no content. They are formed for ad- sites that aim to make currency off affiliate relationships or selling the external links to the other sites. The point is they have no intrinsic value for search engine customers. If you have duplicate content then you may be affected negatively by Panda. Or Google can detect easily. The web content should be valuable. Both Google Panda and Penguin target these practices. The easy way to survive the small business is creating a web content that delight your web user. Google wants to show the websites delight. If you are a small business then you have the ability to delight and you should make every effort to do so.

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