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All about Google Author Rank

Google has changed the past trends of SEO by releasing many updates and has declared clearly that it’s the unique, quality and fresh content that makes your site rank higher.

“Author Rank “is one such latest update of Google, after the post panda and penguin updates. Just like the page rank, author rank is defined by the Google to analyze the quality of a site to rank in search results. The difference is that page rank is based on the quality of web page where as author rank is defined to identify the authority of blogger.

Factors Impacting Author Rank:

1. Engagement on G+.
2. Page rank of individual articles.
3. Comment received per posts.
4. Number of Google plus circles.
5. Content shares and +1s.
6. Connections to other authors.
7. Number of sites the authors content is published.

Google author rank

Steps to implement Google Author Rank:

So you might have realized the importance of author rank for your sites online presence. Let’s have a brief look about how to implement this, to grab the maximum benefit:

1. Author rank is centered on Google plus profile. So create your Google + profile if you don’t have one. Your profile should contain a valid photo and email address and your identity should be verified.

2. Create a link to your Google profile from your webpage by adding the following link:

<a href=”[Google profile_url]?rel=author”>Google</a>

3. Add a reciprocal link from your profile to the site and have your profile image visible with your content on the search results.

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