Panda Update #22

Panda #22: Google confirmed yet another update

As expected Google confirmed that it rolled out an update i.e. Panda #22 on November 21. It seems to have serene impact than the panda update 20 released on 27th of September. The last update released by Google is Panda 21 in the month of November that too had a meager impact as compared to panda 20.

Google says that Panda #22 affects 0.8 % of English queries and worldwide it affects 0.4%. Google did not announce anything about this update so far.

Google unnoticed Panda updates these days. Google panda update has completely wiped a large number of websites and still affects a lot.

Google updates are indented to protect from spam and low quality pages. Google will definitely support if you are sincere and good enough to make quality sites. Better focus on your content and backlinks. This might save you a lot from these as well as the upcoming updates.

panda update 22
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