Google Panda & Penguin Effect – Techniques To Survive

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012 Google panda, Google penguin

Business sites are dependent on Google search engine for much of their traffic. Search engine are more annoying when it comes for page ranking. Sometimes everything will be going great and suddenly your site becomes a drop on Page Rank.

There are two updates which have an impact on websites, Google Panda update and Google Penguin update . These updates are used for rewarding high quality sites. One of the main focuses of the Panda update was on-page optimization with good quality content. It avoids poor content with less quality and stuffed links and allows sites with enhanced quality content to come in higher. Penguin was undoubtedly a primary effort by Google to purify it algorithm as it recounts its in-coming links to a website.The primary target of Google Penguin is Webspam. For survive Google Panda and Penguin updates in the website through by these methods,


Shun Black Hat Strategy:

This method is used to violate search engine guidelines and is considered as the unethical ways of getting higher PageRank and SERP rankings. Many types of black hat approaches are there in the website, and you should avoid all these.

Avoid Keywords Stuffing:

The keywords should fit with the content. It should be relevant to the page content.Search engines don’t care if you use the “right” keywords or not – they are concern about how you use with them. Over stuff of keywords, long tail keywords, using synonyms can cause your site to fall in rankings. A good keyword should be in between 3% or 4% of your text or else it must be taken as keyword stuffing.

Analyze Link:

As mentioned above about the “use of keyword”the links should be used carefully.PageRank is a link analysis algorithm which gives websites importance based on the number of backlinks to the site.You should not have broken links.The links should be relevent to your sites.

Build Content Inventory:

Low quality content is the jeopardy when it comes to latest updates. If a site has poor content on it, have to eliminate and replace it with good quality content. Fresh content is typically satisfactory by Google. Blogs provide a trouble-free way to construct your content inventory.

Check Affiliate Ads:

There is nothing wrong with the affiliate programs.However; your site cannot be act as an exact reply of the affiliate’s site. You must give a bit exclusive to your customers. Sites which are loaded with associate ads are measured to be spam and will losing rankings. You must have additional content than affiliate ads. Posting of affiliate ads is moreover important.

Checkout SEO Strategies:

Focus the attention on customers.And your SEO should occur naturally.Google Penguin addresses to the optimization that site owners should get higher rankings for their sites. If you lose the site rankings because of Google Panda update, you could fix the problems and send a request for reconsideration directly to Google. Doing so may assist you recover the original standing of rank position or near enough to it that you can work on constructing it again. Your website design and content should be pleasant at all times.

The surviving issue is related to the class of your on-site materials. Spam is a major trouble in Google which has been trying to organize for many years. Spam sites are sites which have poor quality sites with little or no content. They are formed for ad- sites that aim to make currency off affiliate relationships or selling the external links to the other sites. The point is they have no intrinsic value for search engine customers. If you have duplicate content then you may be affected negatively by Panda. Or Google can detect easily. The web content should be valuable. Both Google Panda and Penguin target these practices. The easy way to survive the small business is creating a web content that delight your web user. Google wants to show the websites delight. If you are a small business then you have the ability to delight and you should make every effort to do so.

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