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This Blog is all about semantic search & its web standards & how it’s helpful to Yahoo & its users. Yahoo is one of the biggest search engines. Semantic refers to searching large semantic web datasets, which is a typical problem for semantic web search engines & also refers to methods of searching web documents beyond the syntactic level of matching keywords. Semantic web is helping to shape the next generation of search transitioning from syntactical search to semantic search & yahoo search is supporting this technology. By supporting semantic web standards, Yahoo! Search and site owners can bring a far richer and more useful search experience to consumers. Semantic search has attracted a lot of attention in the past year, largely due to the growth of the semantic web as a whole. The term semantic search itself is popular enough to be considered overused. And, as an integral member of the Yahoo! SearchMonkey team, Peter refers to the benefits that SearchMonkey is experiencing with the semantic web and calls out the opportunities to integrate with both NLP and semantic web technologies. On the whole there are many benefits of semantic search and it’s more effective than syntax based search. – source:

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