What are the factors that go into determining the PageRank of a Twitter page?

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011 Mattcutts Video Transcript

We have a twitter question from Atul Arora in Fremont. Atul says “What are the factors that go into determining of PageRank of a Twitter page, e.g. it is the followers, backlines?”

I gave an answer about twitter where I said that we treat twitter pages just like regular web pages. So it’s the exact same thing we don’t look at the number of followers that you have on twitter, we look at the number of links that you have to your profile or to your specific tweets. So if you have a lot of page ranks or lot of linking into one particular really interesting status message that one might be more interesting or more likely to show up in our search results but we don’t look at how many followers you have or anything like that. We certainly assume that the followers can be gamed pretty easily on a lot of different sites. So what we find tends to be back links and the reputation of those back links is the way that we score how reputable the page is on twitter just like any other site across the web.

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