Digital Marketing Strategies To Redefine Your Brand’s Success in 2016!

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 Internet Marketing

Finding the right internet marketing strategies is always a daunting task. But, this article will help you reveal those proven internet marketing strategies that will surely work for your brand!


Interestingly, the internet is always full of one or other internet marketing strategies that show up online over time and promise outstanding results. However, after seeing such a long list of digital marketing techniques one might get befuddled about which will work or which will not. If you are a business owner who has taken the plunge to push your product sales, you might be interested in knowing what actually works in the world of online business. After all, every company has just one aim – to get the highest ROIs and this is where this article will help you.



Here you will find the three most powerful and proven internet marketing strategies that will deliver you the profit you always want, eventually, making your selling efforts convenient than ever before! Read on to kick-start your business marketing efforts in the way you have always wished for:


1. LinkedIn Marketing

The LinkedIn Magical Math!

Since LinkedIn operates in over 200 countries and territories, there is a lot to explore on this platform. It brings together more than 313 million members making it one of the largest professional networks in the world. Interestingly, there are two sign ups every single second – making it the fastest growing platform. These stats make it stand out when we talk about reaching the masses.


Have You Never Given A Damn to LinkedIn? Well, You Are Missing Crucial Things!


Media, partnerships and clients, LinkedIn got it all to make your business a big hit! Apart from this, LinkedIn offers the leverage of connecting to the segment of people regardless of their geographical locations. There you have the opportunity to get connected with reputable editors and get noticed without publishing a single public release. You can partner here with the right joint ventures and can assist in growing each other’s business.


LinkedIn offers the powerful tools to find the right client in the region of your choice. Such numerous advantages it offers to the internet marketers unlike the Facebook and the Twitter that mostly let you connect with the families and friends. Quality traffic adds more to the positive note in contrast to the Facebook which is generally saturated.


How to Perform LinkedIn Marketing That You Can Be Proud of?


  • You can share your insight about your industry experiences that may be useful to many professionals looking for a promising career or gain knowledge in the similar field.
  • Garnish your business experiences with the great stories, so that you can leave your brand’s impact on the readers’ minds.
  • Share your valuable content within the several groups to harness the power of sharing that would help you gain their favour!
  • Connect with the users in a way that your brand gets the maximum shares while you will be enjoying a sound sleep in the night!


Wondering About Things to Avoid? Here Are These:


  • Writing stale pieces that have been circulating among masses for a long time.
  • Do not attempt to write that boring messages which are irrelevant to your niche.


2. Guest Posting


Haven’t Heard What Guest Posting Is? Take A Quick Look!


Guest posting is all about creating content and using it to publish on other websites. Blogs are generally considered as a great platform for anyone wishing to start with the guest posting. This is indeed a popular choice for those who wish to build their online identity that adds more value to their online reputation. Guest blogging creates the brand awareness in those areas that might leave untouched without it. For example: If you have guest blogged on another person’s blog, your content will surely be seen by that blog’s followers plus the host bloggers to reach whom you might find it difficult otherwise.


Have You Heard That Guest Posting Doesn’t Work? Break The Ice Here!


But, you might argue here that people doing guest blogging are spreading spam and usually done just to exchange links. You might be giving references where Matt Cutts had stated that Stick a fork in it; the guest blogging is done!”


Does it mean the fall of the guest blogging era? No, never, because the strategy is still alive even after the announcement made by Matt Cutts in 2014 and people still reaping the benefits of it. All it needs is to implement this technique effectively to bring the potential gains to you.


Seeing No Right Way to Let Guest Blogging Work For You? Hang On, Here is What You Need to Do:


  • Shift your mindset from getting backlinks to something more appreciable like quality content.
  • Share your domain expertise that reflects your brand’s message to the users.
  • Turn business ideas into reality by showing the world that you are a true thought leader.
  • Publish your content only on those websites that operates in a strong niche and in the similar domain as those of yours!


What Should You Resist?


  • Backlinks from the irrelevant niches can put you in trouble and make you see the downfall in your existing rankings.
  • Resist guest posting on the blogs that have low authority and whose policies do not coincide with the Google’s recommendations.


3. Influencer Marketing


What Exactly is the Influencer Marketing?


Influencer marketing consists of the marketing strategies focused on a specific person who has a good sway over the choices of the people or their buying behaviours. These unique personalities are highly respected in the society and this sort of marketing revolves around these identities rather than the customers.


For example, when a celebrity endorses a product or service, his followers are likely to pay attention and build a faith in that product. Thus, it eases the marketing efforts of the products with the help of a person who is highly visible in the society.


What Makes the Influencer Marketing So Important?


  • Word of mouth by an influential personality always has the higher retention rate. Adding to it, more and more people get inspired by the influencers – reflecting their decisions while making any purchase.
  • As per Jay Baer, a leading social media strategist, the influencers are often more trusted by the people as compared to the brands or businesses.
  • A few remarkable examples of the influencers are Gary Vaynerchuk and Tim Ferriss who have millions of audiences. These are always ready to sail their ships on their command.


Do You Want To Do Influencer Marketing in the Right Way? Read on What To Do!


  • Influencer marketing is a long term investment that you can’t expect to pay off right in the beginning! It takes a huge patience and time to see the results out of this strategy.
  • The best approach to harvest the optimum results is to personally connect with the influencer, if not possible, then, at least try your best to get linked with them through the social media channels and frequent e-mail networks!
  • Keep aside your personal desires rather try to indulge with them keeping their things in priority. Make sure you leave long lasting impressions by doing something out-of-box for them that drive them towards you for a good bonding together.
  • You will get the most returns out of influencer marketing if opt considering for a real relationship rather than using them as another marketing channel.


What to Resist Doing?


  • Never demand anything from the influencers without offering them something valuable.
  • Don’t jump over to see the results within a few days rather give time for the efforts to flourish.




After successfully implementing the discussed proven internet marketing strategies, you will set yourself on the path to experience higher ROIs. You would surely be able to harness the full benefits of digital marketing as your business will be more aligned to the Google’s recommendations. This is when you will begin noticing the winds of change when your prospects will turn into real clients. That day is near, just give these three key strategies a try and get ready to turn your hard efforts into money.


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