Google Expands Flight Search

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012 search engine

Google flight search which was started for flight destinations in US alone has now been expanded to 500 cities outside the US. A comprehensive list of destination has not provided by Google but most Asian and European countries were available.

Presently we don’t know how the popularity of the flight search among the people as there are established travel sites and search engines which are more easier to use than flight Search. The PC version is more challenging when compared mobile and iPad versions of Google flight search.


The success of flight search will depend on two important variables namely UI(User Interface) and it’s features. It also depends on how Google promotes it’s flight search through it’s search results.

Searching for “SFO to LHR” does not return any information and clicking on the “blue airplane” does not take you into flight search results. Google will be cautions in promoting flight search as the product is in beta version.Both flight search and hotel finder from google has the potential in taking Google to next level but currently neither of them has reached the level.

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