The worth of long tail keywords in SEO traffic

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013 search engine, SEO

A long-tail keyword is more of a “phrase” than a keyword itself. For example, a targeted keyword is “diamond studs in Chennai,” while a long-tail keyword would be “wedding diamond studs in Egmore, Chennai.” A long-tail keyword is characteristically four words or more and contains a phrase, rather than a mass of all-purpose terms. The long tail keywords are usually take up for Seo campaigns, Companies frequently fail to notice the importance of long-tail keywords because of the difficulty to put up together the articles and the web content. Though, when we start using the long keywords we can come up with the good SEO than a site over fed with plentiful short, targeted keywords. Long tail keywords are more successful in diverting the traffic directly to your site. If the user changes or alters the long tail keywords it still has a chance of increased search engine activity than a site doesn’t use the long tail keywords. Search engine rankings are very important for any site. By using key phrases that are pertinent to general keywords used in the SEO, can increase the ranking. Before choosing a long tail keyword , consider its status and rivalry, can be done through the tools such Google external keyword tool or keyword spy etc.Create a list of general tools and do a tool search.The companies should consider the use of long tail keywords for more traffic and higher rankings.

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