Penguin 4.0 solution to negative SEO

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016 Google penguin

Negative SEO used to be a killer tool for many SEOs / webmaster to kill competitor’s search engine rankings. This was common when Penguin update came out. This was when Google said all links your site has is your responsibility regardless of who has control over it. This encouraged competitors to send 1000s of low quality spam SEO links to top ranking sites. Some top ranking sites had devastating effect because of this. Negative SEO was prevalent during 2013-2015 period. Then Google plugged the hole with updates to their penguin algorithm.

This latest Penguin 4.0 update is where Google surrendered and accepted that sites cannot be affected purely by their backlink profile. We at Search  Engine Genie were shouting out loud about this issue for years. Finally Google has woke up to the occasion and decided to ignore bad backlinks instead of penalizing a website. It took years for Google to figure out that their penguin algorithm was partially a mistake.

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