Disavow vs disavow Naaa.

Thursday, December 29th, 2016 Uncategorized

Disavow links was a hot topic when penguin update was launched. Everyone started scrambling to disavow their suspicious / artificial / spammy links. This was the trend for the past 1 year. But things changed significantly in the recent months especially after penguin update became real time. Google says they are now ignoring backlinks and no more penalizing a site based on backlinks. This is true and we have seen this in our client sites. So the question now is to disavow links or not to disavow links. We say don’t disavow if you did not do anything artificial to build links. Disavow linking disrupts the natural web. Same way we recommend not to have sitemap we also say not to disavow links. Let Google decide which links are suitable for a website.

Disavow Vs Don’t disavow

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