Google move towards Artificial intelligence

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017 Google

Google’s move towards Artificial intelligence:

Google search engine has steadily evolved in the past 20 years from being a good search engine to a smart search engine to an intelligent search engine. It is way harder to manipulate the rankings with onpage spam and 1000s of backlinks. if you look back before 2010 Google used to be good at detecting spam. Then in early 2011 to 2014 they moved towards being a smart search engines. They were ready to take action on any type of results regardless of blackhat SEO or aggressive SEO.

From 2016 Google has moved into Artificial Intelligence. They are a intelligent search engine with much better under standing of what people search for. Sometimes they drive zombie traffic because of the machine trying to understand the searchers motive but it has steadily improved on a daily basis.

Google has moved to a more complicated landscape which is difficult to understand. Ranking websites have became harder especially in competitive niches.

Today a great user experience across all platforms is very important. Google sees what is best for the searchers if a searcher is able to find the relevant information on the site they click and land Google wins. This is what they are working on, it is important that we develop sites with quality and detailed information on what a user is searching for.

There should be a reason for Google to rank your website. What makes your website stand out among 1000s of site in your same industry. What makes your product competitive, what additional benefits you can provide. People see that and Google sees that too.

Key to success is how you find the right key in the shortest time possible. And the right key is buried deep in our Human mind as this quick draw reference says.

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