SEO prediction 2016 -How Far Will SEO Go This Year?

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Description: With so many shifts in SEO industry in 2016, do you have any idea where SEO will go this 2016? Read on to stay on track to the latest SEO trends in 2016!

The year 2015 was relatively quiet in the world of SEO. Though internet marketers had experienced consistent updates in the algorithm, frequent changes in snippets and ever-changing metrics to compete with, but this is something SEO professionals have been used to.

However, there has been a lot of talk in the first quarter of this year that was revolving around the ad blocking and leveraging social media. But, this is sure that 2016 will be a very thrilling year for SEO. Based on our own experience in SEO and market growth, Search Engine Genie has brought to you a couple of major shifts in SEO industry that are likely to occur in 2016.

  1. Diversification Of Search Boxes:

diversification-s Since brands have gained more insight into the rankings, they are exploring to get visibility on various search boxes other than the Google.  It clearly depicts that Google will be facing tough competition as businesses have started asking rankings on the Amazon, YouTube and various other platforms. Clients have started focusing on their visibility on WebMD, Netflix, Wal-Mart and Newegg which has initiated a fierce SEO competition among technology giants.

  1. The Rise Of Social Search:

rise-of-social-searchAs social media is gaining its muscles among the online users, it is leaving a strong impact and a shift in their search behaviors. Probably, this is the reason that the Facebook is working to improve its internal search. The FB is investing heavily in offering user-friendly search functionalities. So, this has set many new engagements in the SEO world. It will also offer a good opportunity to gain visibility in social search platforms to those brands who have failed to gain visibility on Google due to the recent Google algorithm updates.

  1. The Era of App Indexing Has Begun:

era-of-appTill now, what you have been doing was limited to web only, but 2016 will be the year of app indexing. Since the brands have experienced an increase in their online traffic with the use of mobile apps, 2016 will be all about mobile SEO focusing on apps. Do you know people are directly using services from the apps without using organic search as they come handy? This is the reason Google is building its plans to show results using app indexing.

In other words, there is no guarantee that your users will find your content in the same traditional way as they used to get before. But, if you invest in building an app for your business, then together with the app indexing, you will be greatly ensured to reach your audience. So, 2016 has brought up a serious shift in SEO engagements with the fresh concept of app indexing.


In 2016, the SEO would be on an amazing journey that would discover new approaches to gaining online visibility. However, the shifts that have been discussed here will soon prove to be true as these have been brought to your knowledge after an in-depth study of SEO market.  In this fierce battle of getting rankings, you would need a good ally who has competitive knowledge of the shifting trends in the Internet Market. Invest in the one today and unfold your success this 2016. Give Search Engine a chance to add more stars to your online identity.

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