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Search Engine genie no email or affiliate marketing

Why Search engine genie does not do affiliate marketing or email marketing.

In the past 10 plus year in search engine and online industry we never do affiliate marketing or email marketing. Many of our existing , past or potential clients have asked us why we don’t do it. It all comes down to ethics. I am not a big fan of aggressive marketing strategies like email or affiliate marketing. When I buy a product online either I go directly to big sites like ebay or amazon or search in Google to find my product. I hate to click on some affiliate banner to buy a product. Affiliates are like brokers if I want to buy a house I like to directly deal with the seller than going through a broker. I know there are potential benefits going through a broker but dealing with the seller will give me the best deal. Same with affiliate marketing for no reason I have to pay a intermediate site. Rather ill go directly to the ecommerce sites and buy my product.

Email marketing is something I will always stay away. Personally a victim of 1000s of spam / scam / junk commercial emails I know how much pain the whole internet goes through dealing with all the huge email spammers. I don’t want to be even 1% part of this huge spam / scam network. I feel all commercial emails without the recipients permission is spam, even if the person has submitted his email for some subscription. Email spam creates a huge burden on the internet and billions of dollars are lost dealing with email spam. I like to fight email spam rather than being part of it. I know SEO / digital marketing companies do email marketing but Search Engine Genie under my guidance will never get involved in email marketing. I know i lose 1000s of dollars denying many email marketing projects but I don’t care this internet gave me life and I will never play spoil sport on this great place.

Affiliate marketers are one of the biggest SEO spammers they do all sort of unethical strategies to push their sites on top. This makes the search engines work very hard on their algorithm and it makes legitimate websites more difficult to rank on top. We at Search Engine Genie stopped doing aggressive SEO long back. We do only organic SEO these days for our clients, we do all the best on page work to make the search engines understand the website better, give a pleasant experience for the crawlers to crawl and index our website and let the back links flow naturally to our website / client website.

For our own websites we stopped artificial link building. These days we don’t get even a single unnatural link. All links to our sites are editorially given by regular users who like our websites. We hope all other SEO companies follow suit and stop doing affiliate marketing, email marketing as a service to their clients.  It is time to treat internet as a friend rather than a money making machine.


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