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Google Position Checker Tool
Google Position Checker Tool 
The Google Position Checker tool that we have developed will automatically query Google's search engines. It checks if your URL appears in the first 100 results for your chosen keywords. If the URL is present, it will output what position it occupies.

  Add Your Comments
Enter the website URL or your domain name here
Enter the keyword or keyword phrase you want to check for rankings
Select Google's Regional Domain
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Our Google Rank checker tool is 100% free to use. Please support this tool by linking to it, We dont generate revenue by selling ads. Help us make this page ad free, Your visitors will love this tool.

Search Engine genie is a Magician for all your dreams. If you have any queries in any areas of our site please contact our Support Team (or) Submit our Online Form.

The Code to be added in your site is:

Temporary block by Google - Many of you have questioned us what we mean by temporary block. Temporary block doesn't mean your site is blocked, it means our tool ( URL here ) is temporarily blocked by Google since excessive queries reach Google from our tool. Its the same type of block Google imposes when they get automated queries from other tools or from proxies.

We say its temporary because the tool will start to work again after the excessive queries are reduced.

Your link will look like this: Google Rank Checker

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jivko Say's  
verry verry good ,
Posted On : September 9, 2010
fred Say's  
great tool thanks
Posted On : September 6, 2010
ashok Say's  
Posted On : September 2, 2010
Mark Searle Say's  
Very useful tools on this site, use them to analyse my clients websites.
Posted On : August 5, 2010
Johnj Say's  
it is nice tool .Its really help me to optimize my seo site
Posted On : August 3, 2010
manish Say's  
nice supporting tool for us. thanks .manish
Posted On : May 18, 2010
Abs Say's  
Awesome tool, thank you very much for this :)
Posted On : May 11, 2010
mark Say's  
Nice I am able to check to see my site rank as it moves up in the search engines. To help me do better SEO
Posted On : May 1, 2010
The DENTST Abroad Say's  
Excellent tool. We are using it all the time to develop our site globally. Thank you.
Posted On : April 12, 2010
Aditya Say's  
Great Tool i used to check my website it always gave good results
Posted On : April 9, 2010
priya Say's  
can you let me know how to find the ranking for US?In the select regional section I cannot see an option for US.Please help.

Admin : Hi Priya there no separate option for US. The option "World" refers US only...
Posted On : April 9, 2010
Mannu Say's  
Its very nice tool..
Posted On : April 5, 2010
zaaylo Say's one
Posted On : April 4, 2010
Promotional Codes Say's  
Gr8 tool AND REALLY FAST than other tools
Posted On : March 28, 2010
anoop Say's  
yes, very nice tool
Posted On : March 24, 2010
Kris Say's  
This is a very helpful tool most tools like this one will not show any results over 200 or so. Glad to find this thank you.
Posted On : March 24, 2010
Im4m Say's  
Very Nice and Great tools !
Posted On : March 24, 2010
dinakaran Say's  
Very Useful for webmasters
Posted On : March 23, 2010
drd17 Say's  
Thank you SEG. You have provided a really valuable position cheker for websites. and a good .......
Posted On : March 21, 2010
satuiku Say's  
verry god tools
Posted On : March 20, 2010
Barry Say's  
Great tool
Posted On : March 19, 2010
sam Say's  
great site good tools
Posted On : March 17, 2010
jay Say's  
good tool, it works!
Posted On : March 17, 2010
jdcfremont Say's  
Hi, nice tool . It helps a lot!
Posted On : March 17, 2010
Allen Say's  
Very useful tool, relly helps me a lot for my ipod rip website.
Posted On : March 3, 2010
hank Say's  
nice tools
Posted On : February 15, 2010
Christian Say's  
Really Great Tool, Easy and Clean as I Love it! If You include United Arab Emirates ( It will be 100% Perfect! Best Regards
Posted On : February 14, 2010
Oliver Richemond Say's  
Very good tool.....
Posted On : February 13, 2010
Ferhat Say's  
SĂĽper bir site
Posted On : February 11, 2010
Dr.Kannan Balkrishnan Say's  
this is a great tool .I would recommend it to anybody who does SEO
Posted On : February 3, 2010
Ross Melvi Monserate Say's  
This is a good tool, now i know my sites current standing. Thank you
Posted On : January 19, 2010
pankaj saraf Say's  
Ultimate Tools --Amazing ...... I never saw before such a tool with such a exact
Posted On : January 18, 2010
Lulur Sekar Jagat Say's  
Very useful tools.
Posted On : January 13, 2010
iPhone Apps Say's  
Posted On : January 9, 2010
Dental Implants Bristol Say's  
This is so nice and great tool.. i hope evreyone will like this and be useful..
Posted On : January 3, 2010
Scott Say's  
nice tool, saves me alot of time.
Posted On : January 3, 2010
Owen Say's  
Thank you so much for this useful tool... very nice.. really
Posted On : December 29, 2009
Ron Say's  
Thank you for this great tool
Posted On : December 20, 2009
Juan Say's  
Awesome tool, seriously this saves me a lot time. Thank you very much, Ive been looking for a tool exactly like this!
Posted On : December 12, 2009
kelebek sohbet Say's  
Posted On : December 9, 2009
Admin Say's  
@Airplaneguru : Hi Airplaneguru your assumption is not correct . The tool will send the queries Google. If Google sees too much queries from a site it gives temporary block. We never do anything Google sets a temporary block and the block is released when the load is reduced

@nero : Hi Nero Please refer the above solution :-)
Posted On : December 9, 2009
nero Say's  
What does this mean: Temporary Block of Google.Try later!!!
Posted On : December 8, 2009
Airplaneguru Say's  
The "Temporary block of Google" also means the website did not turn up in the results for the keyword. So, if you set the limit to 1000 results, the website is in the >1000 results.
Posted On : December 8, 2009
Yasir Say's  
Love this tool thank you so much....
Posted On : December 5, 2009
Anil Say's  
Really nice tools.....i have been searched.....since 1 year....
Posted On : December 3, 2009
tyro Say's  
Great tool, would be nice if it worked more than 5% of the time...
Posted On : November 29, 2009
Harry Say's  
Great tool...amazing, i was looking for something like this and i found it..thank you admin
Posted On : November 23, 2009
Christopher B Mascarenhas Say's  
Thank you SEG. You have provided a really valuable position cheker for websites.
Posted On : November 22, 2009
Chris Mascarenhas Say's  
Google Position Checker Tool - An easy to use and invaluable aid to improving ranking and visibility of my site. Thanks
Posted On : November 21, 2009
Admin Say's  
@Sumit - The tool is sending queries to Google. We are only active working tool right now and this brings a lot of load on our site as well as Google server. If Google sees excessive queries from a site it gives temporary block. We never do anything Google sets a temporary block and the block is released when the load is reduced. Hope that helps and support us by linking to our tool.
Posted On : November 10, 2009
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If you are a regular user of this tool for your website please support us by linking to it, We know people do 100s of query per day and don't care to support us. If you cant support us we can't continue to keep this tool Ad free. We are not like others. There are other tool providers we know of who have the same tools we have but like to charge more than 40$ a month just to use them.

We know others who just restrict the usage of tools like 10 queries per hour or 30 queries per day. We never do that or will ever want to do that. But to make this tool Ad free you much support this tool by linking to it. Links bring more attention to our tools and more backlinks. We just want that. We are working hard everyday to bring new tools to our list. We currently have more than 50 tools and the list will keep expanding and one point we are planning to give anywhere between 75 to 100 tools for free.

Remember that all the queries you make uses our server resources and we don't want to restrict anyone from doing it but make sure you link to us which makes us Happy in providing these tools always free and makes us eager to make more tools. Check other sites they just have 10 tools and sell text links, run adsense ads, banner ads all over their site. Check our site we have been providing free tools for more than 3 years and our regular users know we never run any Ads in our tools nor we sell or want to sell text links.

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