Google – Apple – Microsoft on Technology war

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Google’s Sundar Pichai , Apple’s Tim Cook and Microsoft’s Satya Nadella face off in technology war.

Tim Cook Satya Nadella Sundar Pichar

Google’s , Apple’s and Microsoft’s CEO’s face-off in technology war

Search engine genie top 10 webmaster SEO tools

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016 SEO tools

Search Engine Genie has been a leader for over 10 years when it comes to providing free resources for webmasters and site owners. Our Initial aim was to reach 100 webmaster / SEO tools. Today search engine genie has well exceeded expectations and reached 125 plus tools. When you do something for over 10 years you will be good at it. We have over 1000 users per day using our tools.
Here are the top 10 list from logs over the past 6 months.
No.10 : You never know what people like. Out of over 125 tools Search Engine Genie team has developed. This Content to code ratio tool has stood out and ranks No 10 right now. If you haven’t tried this interesting webmaster tool go to the below link and give it a try, you will like it.

Content To Code Ratio Test Tool
No.9: Yahoo position checker tool, right now the No.1 ranked free tool across all search engines to check rankings in Yahoo. It queries yahoo’s search engine and will deliver accurate results. We are constantly working on this tool to make sure it works and delivers results accurately.

Yahoo Position Checker Tool
No.8: People’s obsession to nofollow tag has never changed. This is the 8th best tool we have based on user traffic. People really like to check whether a page has nofollow links. If you never tried this tool it is time to head there and give it a try. Works wonderfully and results are accurate. Problem with this tool please submit a comment here we will check it for you.

No Follow Links Finder-Checker Tool
No: 7 Bing is the 2nd more important search engine now right next to Google. When people wanted alternate for Google search engine they went to Bing. Today Bing gets about 10% of all search engine traffic. Though that is way low compared to Google they power other major search engines like yahoo which boosts their market share.

BING Rank-Position Checker Tool
No:6 Google backlink checker is ranked 6 of over 125 tools. Today there are only a handful of backlink tools. Google, bing, yahoo all hide backlink data from regular users. People have to depend on third party tools like Ahrefs, backlink watch, majestic SEO, Moz link explorer to get backlink data of their competitors or any site they want to check. Our tool queries Google search engine and tries to fetch backlinks for any site. We don’t claim our tool to be accurate but when you don’t have anything out there it is better to have one like this.

Google Backlink Checker
No:5 This tool speaks for itself. We never took so much effort on a single tool. We invested a lot of time and resources to bring you a great tool to check your on page. Our tool is free for unlimited usage. Enjoy this free on page tool and give us your valuable feedback on how to improve.

SEO On Page Checker
No.4: Want to know if your site is banned in Google. Use this tool to find out. Don’t get excited or shocked by this tool. Though we try to be as accurate as possible with this tool, it is better to consult a SEO expert before making decisions.

Google Banned Site Checker Tool
No:3 : This is my personal favorite. Not just me but 100s of webmasters / site owners / SEO use our tool. Looks very simple but makes life very easy for everyone. Checking Google’s cache date has become more and more difficult. You need to search to find out where Google displays cache date. Hre you just input your URL and next second you get to know when Google last cached your web page.

Google Bot Last Accessed Date
No:2 Only valid tool to check if your site is in dreaded Google sandbox filter. Sometimes this tool is unpredictable because too many people use it. Again don’t take this tool too seriously consult a expert before making Business decisions. Search Engine Genie has top class SEO experts who help you whenever you are in need. Email us at or for quick response

Google Sandbox Checker Tool
No:1 No words to say about this tool. This tool is ranked so high in search engines it gets 10 times more traffic than any other tool we have in our site. It beats the next best tool sandbox checker 10:1 in traffic. We take lot of pain to keep this free tool working for our users. When you like our tools please support us by linking to it. You will find link data from those pages.

Google Position Checker Tool
Good luck with our tools
Search Engine Genie’s team is here to always provide great innovation. If you have a new tool suggestion comment here and our developers will build it free to use. We don’t believe in subscription tools.
10 SEO Tools

2015 no penguin update

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Google has officially announced there won’t be any penguin update for the year 2015. It has been a long wait.


penguin update 2016

Google – don’t be evil policy change

Saturday, December 26th, 2015 SEO cartoons comics

Google over the years have become more and more commercialized. Before they hardly have PPC ads on their pages now their search results page top portion is all exclusively paid ads.
Google’s greed has reached the highest level especially after they renamed their company to Alphabet Inc.

Google do the right thing don't be evil


Crucial Social Media Marketing Trends Updates for 2016!

Thursday, December 10th, 2015 search engines, Social Media

To promote your brand on the social media, it is important to stay tuned to the market trends. So, read on which social media trends are going to rule in 2016!


Social media has all set to gain the potential clients for the businesses in the upcoming 2016. With the growing technology reach and increasing audiences, SMM strategies will remain in the limelight for showcasing products and services in a unique way. A research conducted by Mashable in the year 2014, shows that more than 81% of businesses ranging from startup to medium enterprises are making the full use of social media to promote their brand online. About 94% of these companies have invested in the aggressive marketing campaign. As per the forecast, the social media users are expected to reach a huge figure of 2.16 billion by 2016, in comparison to the existing 1.93 billion users in 2015, which is significantly a big leap.




However, there would be some social media marketing approaches that will no longer be effective in the upcoming year. The new social media trends have already replaced the way businesses used to approach their potential markets online. So, before you get befuddle which SMM strategy is going to work, here are some vital social media marketing trends to keep you in the loop.


1. Social Media Will Be Your New Google In 2016!


Though Google will still stay in trends for searching things online but it will be the social media that is going to influence the buyers’ decisions. So, the businesses will need to market themselves beyond the SEO and organic searches. The brands will need to keep their eagle eyes on social media users who look for product reviews on the Facebook, Instagram and others!


Are you aware that more than 88% of consumers are heavily influenced by the reviews? The comments they read online, directly impact their purchasing behaviours! This is what is going to be in trend in the upcoming 2016. Ranking on Google will help but more helpful will be ranking your social media business page having reviews. Stay alert!


2. Buy Buttons Are Set To Rule the Social Media In 2016!


With the addition of Buy Buttons on the Facebook and Pinterest, there has come a revolution in the social media marketing trends. Due to the ease of new “buy” features, it would be easier for the users to purchase a product without leaving the platform. This means a lot to the marketers as well. They can sponsor the AD and whenever a consumer finds it online, he can make a purchase with just a click. In other words, selling has been made easier with the new SMM strategies in 2016. Instagram is also following this trend and more industry social media leaders are expected to focus on this growing trend in the upcoming year.


3. Facebook’s Digital Assistant is ready To Shake the Market in 2016!


In the last August, Facebook has introduced a new social media functionality. It is the Facebook Messenger’s digital assistant which is much alike to the Siri in iPhones. It will help you in performing your requests like ordering your favourite pizza! Although it lacks a little bit in competition with Siri, still it will be a good option for the businesses who want to be listed with the Facebook products as a suggested answer to queries. This new kind of social media trend is expected to catch many eyeballs this 2016.



Social media is expected to grow at a bigger rate in 2016.


Accordingly, social media marketing trends will support the change with some out-of-box but customer-friendly approaches! As the social media giants like Facebook, Instagram have all set up for a big fight, you must stay well prepared with the social media trends mentioned here and 2016 will be victorious for your brand!


Why worry for your brands online visibility when a digital marketing leader, Search Engine Genie, is here for your help! With extensive experience of Internet marketing, only we know how to rise from the market’s fluctuations! Talk to our expert today for staying on the top of the digital world!

SEO beginner PPT from Educational institutions:

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Here are some interesting SEO beginners PPTs from top universities. Today many universities are teaching SEO as part of their curriculum. If you are a beginner in SEO or a SEO service provider this set of SEO PPTs will be very useful for you. All SEO power point presentations are provided for education purpose only.

Major flutuation Google search results.

Monday, November 10th, 2014 Google

Many are reporting around major forums that Google is doing major update to their algorithm. It seems many are noticing significant drop in rankings and some are noticing good boost in search engine traffic. I am personally noticing big changes especially this weekend was one of the slowest days when it comes to search engine traffic.


It was literally dead in many of the sites we monitor. I think it was because of seasonal weekend. We are moving into holiday months and I am sure this will impact search rankings and traffic for major sites. All the sites we maintain are white hat SEO. So there is no way any of them get affected by major search updates. We had 2 updates in the last 2 months. Panda and Penguin. Both rocked many search results but what I am noticing now seem to be unrelated to any of those past updates.

Many webmasters in other forums too are noticing change in traffic. Webmaster world one of the leading forum for SEO is buzzing. DO you notice any major changes.

SEO tools updated 10-20-14

Monday, October 20th, 2014 SEO tools

As you all know we at Search Engine Genie have the most comprehensive set of SEO tools.

We like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who have used our tools on a regular basis. We will continue to keep our tools free for many years to come. We hate the policy of tools subscription. Please don’t fall for tool subscription scam. There are enough free tools available online that you can use for your SEO purpose.


Free tools help you limit the queries you send to Google. Automated paid tools send mass amount of queries to Google when can result in penalty for your site. Google has always said they will ban tools that send mass amount of queries to their search engines. For example web position gold a tool that scraps Google was literally banned for a very long time. Nowadays there are subscription based tools that has sprung up. Avoid using them long term because

1. Google knows what are the sites that are sending too many automated queries.
2. Mass automated tools will stop anytime soon. Google knows how to block them.
3. Results vary significantly because most of the time tools set results to 100 instead of 10 the way we do normal search.

I can list out many reasons to not shed out money on tools that are freely available online.

We at search engine genie do periodic checks our tools to make sure most of them work. Yes some tools stop working as the search engines evolve but we do our best to make most of them work.

Keep using our free SEO tools and don’t FALL for paid tools SCAM.

Penguin Update 3.0 live testing started

Saturday, October 18th, 2014 Penguin Update

Long awaited Penguin 3.0 Update is livc. We are seeing significant moving across many sites we monitor. Till now what we are seeing is excellent movement for many sites affected. Not seeing any new penalties. Sites that did not do any spam link building for the past 1 year has survived and doing well.  We at Search Engine Genie literally stopped link building work and do only overall website improvement.

Penguin Update 3.0 live testing started

So far it is good news for us but it takes lot more time before the whole testing process is done. Panda 4.1 took almost a month and still going on. I suspect Penguin update will go on for couple of weeks.

I hope this update brings good news for all our sites. So far so good for all our sites. We wish you all success with your sites.

Again there is no official word from Google but from our testing we are sure Penguin 3.0 is live now in search results and being tested across different data centers.

site-move tool updated in webmaster tools

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014 Google webmaster tools, Webmaster News

Google recently launched site-move tool to help webmaster move from their site from one domain to another domain. Moving a site from one domain to another domain is the most tedious and risky process. Many webmasters make mistakes when moving domain names. Most of them odn’t know how to setup the right redirect. Some of them use meta refresh, javascript redirect, simple server side redirect ( 302 redirect ) etc. All these listed redirects are not good for search engines. When you are doing a move especially moves like domain to domain which is mostly permanent it is important we use a 301 redirect. 301 redirect tells the search engines that the site has moved permanently from one domain to the other.


If you want to do a safe move Google webmaster tools is helping you do it. Log-in to webmaster and go to this page

Google has given this list of simple checklist when moving site from one URL to other.

Pick your new site from the list
If you don’t see your site, add it now. You must specify only root-level domains with no trailing path (e.g.
Confirm that 301-redirects work properly
URLs from your old site should be redirected to your new site using permanent 301-redirect directives.
Check that verification methods are still present
This step ensures your new and old sites are properly verified before the move, and will remain so afterwards.
Submit the change of address request
Transition your site indexing from to your new site.
Request a Free SEO Quote