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Google has datacenters all over the world. They have over 25 datacenters and have over 200,000 unique IPs address and many IP ranges. We have compiled a list of around 175,000 IP addresses here for you to verify if they really belong to Google. Enter the suspicious IP address and our tool will check our database to verify if the IP belongs to Google or not. There are various reasons to verify if the IP belongs to Google. When you see regular visits from a particular Ip and want to white list the Ip address you can verify if it really belongs to Google or not.

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Google Data Center checker

        Our list is comprehensive but not complete. We are constantly expanding our database to make sure we have a complete list of Google IP addresses. We might have missed few IP addresses because Google is ever expanding and adding many, many IPs and IP ranges to their portfolio. Here is a list of datacenters that are listed in their official Page.


Mountain View, California Google datacenter.
Pleasanton, California Google datacenter.
San Jose, California Google datacenter
Los Angeles, California Google datacenter.
Palo Alto, California Google datacenter.
Seattle Google datacenter
Portland, Oregon Google datacenter
The Dalles, Oregon Google datacenter
Chicago Google datacenter
Atlanta, Ga. (two sites) Google datacenter
Reston, Virginia Google datacenter
Ashburn, Va Google datacenter.

Virginia Beach, Virginia Google datacenter
Houston, Texas Google datacenter
Miami, Florida Google datacenter
Lenoir, North Carolina Google datacenter
Goose Creek, South Carolina Google datacenter
Toronto, Canada Google datacenter
Berlin, Germany Google datacenter
Frankfurt, Germany Google datacenter
Munich, Germany Google datacenter
Zurich, Switzerland Google datacenter
Groningen, Netherlands Google datacenter
Mons, Belgium Google datacenter
Eemshaven, Netherlands Google datacenter
Paris Google datacenter
London Google datacenter
Dublin, Ireland Google datacenter
Milan, Italy Google datacenter
Moscow, Russia Google datacenter
Sao Paolo, Brazil Google datacenter
Tokyo Google datacenter
Hong Kong Google datacenter
Beijing Google datacenter

Google’s datacenters play a vital part on serving fast search results and super fast youtube videos. If you find new IP addresses or Ip ranges that belongs to Google please email us at webpromotions@gmail.com and we will update that to our database.

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