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Multi keyword Google rank checker / keyword position checker searches Google results and delivers you keyword rankings for up to 3 keywords / keyword phrases. This keyword position checker is an excellent tool to track your Google search engine rankings. Any feed back please email us.
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Our Multi keyword Google rank checker will query Google and give you results for up to 3 keywords / keyword phrases at a time. Our keyword ranking tool is constantly updated to give you accurate results as much as possible. We have the best SEO keyword rank checking tool out there provided totally free of cost. No registration, no limitation, nothing we allow you to use our tool for as long as possible. We have over 110 seo / web tools. Search engine genie has been a leader in website SEO tools for over 10 years. Our policy never changes. We give back to this great internet which brought us where we are today. Google has been, is, will be our life for a long time to Company. No one can beat Google for a long time to come.

Our rank checker is a great tool to instantly check 3 keywords at a time. Our tools are simple to use, only reason we use number captcha is to stop leechers from using automated tools to query our tools. We will continue to develop great tools for this great search marketing community.

Why keyword ranking is important?

Search Engines play a vital role in everyday life. We depend on search engines like Google for most of our online searches. Search engines become sophisticated day by day and provide us great and accurate results. Google has evolved from a search engine to a smart super computer. Serving results at super fast speeds from 100s of 1000s of computers around the world. Google has it's own world of computers. Google has become a house hold name. People depend on so much on Google these days. For every online Business Google is a vital part to great success. Having top ranking in search engines like Google is important / essential.

Knowing where you rank in search engines is important. But shifting through results manually is difficult and time consuming. Search engine genie's keyword ranking tool helps you perform your searches faster. It saves a lot of time for you. Just open our tool enter 3 phrases solve the captcha, submit boom your rankings in top 200 results are displayed instantly. There is no limitations on the keywords you check and there is no registration required. We will always keep our tool registration free. Google things come to people who give. Google grew to what it is today with a humble motto "Don't be evil". We like to follow the same principle; limitations in queries, registrations are evil.

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Tips for top keyword rankings.

Top ranking for major keywords in search engines like Google can turn your Business upside down. You can do miracles with top rankings. Your online Business can have huge ranking boost with top 10 rankings for major keywords. Google itself is a great search engine to work with and any rank checker or keyword position checker that query's Google is vital for your Business. Our multiple keywords keyword position checker will help you monitor your ranking in an easy and positive way.

How our keyword ranking and top rank positioning tool works?

Compile a list of keywords that you are targeting for top position in Google. copy and paste the keywords in keywords box 3 at a time. Enter the website you want to check for ranking in the website box. Solve the numbers on the page. Add the digits showed there. This is one of the easiest captcha out there. Just enter the sum of two numbers, for example 2 + 2 is 4. Just enter the sum and you are done. No more repeated captchas, just one time will be enough to user our tool forever.

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