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Thanks for Using Search engine genie's new plagiarism checker tool. This tools queries Google's search engine and check if your content is plagiarized by other sites. Plagiarism is a major problem for website owners today. It is difficult to track the problem every day manually. Our tool helps you check duplicate content across the web efficiently. Together we will fight plagiarism. It has been a major problem for both website owners and search engines. Even people find it uneasy to see same content across other junk sites. Plagiarism tool is a free to use tool. If you have questions email us using our contact form. Duplicate content checker and plagiarism checker are no different. Both uses the same strategies, since we use Ajax we can easily sort out duplicate content for you across the web. It is the website owners responsibility to check regularly for duplicate or plagiarized content to keep their site healthy
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Bob   Say's
I am very interested to know how this tool work. It seems to be a bit wayward with results. I like Plagiarism checker. My content keeps plagiarized across the web.
November 28, 2014Posted On:  

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