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This google sandbox checker tool helps you to check if your site is in google's sandbox for a given keyword. This checker tool has fields to enter the keyword, URL and to select Google's regional domain. On clicking Submit the tool tells you if your site is been placed in google's sandbox
Enter the website URL or your domain name here Enter the keyword or keyword phrase you want to check for rankings
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The Code to be added in your site is:
Your link will look like this: Google Sandbox Checker Tool

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cozyaztore   Say's
Great tools here.
July 14, 2012Posted On:  
sapta tony   Say's
my website its in sand box now please help me get me out of sand box
July 9, 2012Posted On:  
vemaybay   Say's
Great tool. I love it
June 28, 2012Posted On:  
jessica   Say's
You have a fantastic suite of tools. I use them almost on a daily basis. Thanks
October 28, 2011Posted On:   Say's
great tool
September 13, 2011Posted On:  
E Kafeman   Say's
Great collection of tools. Impressive.
May 24, 2011Posted On:  
jeremy   Say's
why does it say google is temp. blocking my ip does that mean im sandboxed

Admin : Hi Jeremy it is not like that.... It means our tool ( URL here ) is temporarily blocked by Google since excessive queries reach Google from our tool. Its the same type of block Google imposes when they get automated queries from other tools or from proxies.

We say its temporary because the tool will start to work again after the excessive queries are reduced.
February 4, 2011Posted On:  
Mike   Say's
Well done keep up the good work
January 13, 2011Posted On:  
Gunawan   Say's
this is a great tool. Love it
December 8, 2010Posted On:  
Igor   Say's
Great site with amazing seo tools
December 3, 2010Posted On:  

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