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Google’s symposium on automated testing

Google has arranged for a conference on automated testing on September 7th and 8th 2006 in their London office to discuss and find solution for various problems that are related to automated testing.

The objective of this conference is to create an ambience where participants can take part and discuss on subjects that are associated with automated testing. The plan is also to evaluate the challenges that automated testing confronts.

Google also has invited the participants who have innovative ideas to take part in presentations regarding automated testing. Interested candidates can submit their details of their talk through and the deadline date is June 1.

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Yahoo powers Yahoo! Tech through shopping search API

Yahoo! as you all know has launched Yahoo! Tech that facilitates you to choose and use technology. This Yahoo! Tech is developed by Yahoo! Team who are skilled in personalization, community and search. It incorporates into it the counsel from Yahoo team, authorized content, plus user review question and answers.

This Yahoo! Tech tool is powered by the Yahoo’s shopping search. The shopping web services controls the Yahoo! Tech’s product search and other information pages.

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