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Microsoft Hopes to Capture a Big Part of Chinese Search Market

The search market is an extremely profitable business for those involved. In the United States,Google,Yahoo and Bing are the obvious leaders in the search trade.The Chinese search market is an unusual setting from what the major players in America are used to. In China, the chief search engine is not a name that most Americans are familiar with. The top search engine for Chinese users is Baidu , which holds 63.9% of the Chinese search market,which leaves Google in the subsequent place with 31.3% of the search market.

The Chinese search market is very productive with a value of $293 million in Q3 2009. Microsoft is hoping to intensify the popularity of its Bing search engine in China. The software giant announced that China is its chief strategic market for search.

China is such a significant market to search firms as it is home to the world’s leading internet population with more than 350 million users. Bing has been available in China as a beta product for sometime now, but has not made a considerable impact in the market so far.

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Extensions in Google Chrome :

Firefox has long been greater to Google Chrome,for most part because of Firefox add-ons. Now since the Google Chrome Extensionsare available here at, many people might prefer to switch over to Google.

Google Chrome
Although there are just around 500 Google extensions, in comparison to thousands of add-ons for Firefox, several best and most constructive Firefox add-ons are already available as Google extensions, or their capabilities are duplicated by a Chrome extension.

For those interested mainly in speed, the additions of extensions to Chrome are reason enough to make the change from Firefox. For many the ultimate turning point would be extensions available for Chrome, while many are sure to stick to Firefox till they find each and every of their extensions available for Chrome.


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