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MSN search and win – Is it true.

When i searched for a keyword and as MSN search and win page said the result said i won some prize

when I clicked on that we got the following URL:

it said sorry search again to win, so what was the problem,

Got the above page

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We love Big Daddy Update

We love Big Daddy,
Google’s new datacenter results are spectacular completely free from spam and we are pleased that our ethical methods got good ranking for all our client sites.

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Toolbar Pagerank updated 19th February 2006 – Google pagerank update

Google has updated its toolbar pagerank, only couple of google datacenters are showing new Pagerank as of now,

you can compare your pagerank at our future pagerank checker

some DCs where you might see new pagerank.

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Matt cutts on webspam hunt, Cartoon on matt’s spam hunt spree

We have a simple cartoon on matt’s activities, nothing personal here and this
cartoon is just for joke, Matt’s spam hunt made us create this cartoon hope
you all enjoy,

Matt Cutts’s is on a search engine spam hunting spree in recent days, From
Day 1 matt’s blog has been a great hit, His contribution to the seo community
is tremendous. He guides a lot of web masters in the right way, Being the head
of web spam team in google matt’s responsibilities are huge. He has to keep
google’s massive search index clean from Corporate multi language spam , hidden
text, cloaking, Sneaky javascript redirects, unethical seo companies, keyword
stuffing etc,

Recently matt cutts announced
banning of web site which was using sneaky javascript redirects to show
search engines and different pages and when users move their mouse over it the
page redirects to an other page,

Matt was bold enough announce
the ban of from their search engine index, Traffic power’s
lawsuit against Trafficpowersucks and aaron wall – seobook was busted by this
important announcement.

His frequent
on inner working on google is the most important part of all for
seo community, Big daddy update one of the most important update of all time
for google was first announced officially by matt cutts. Later it was picked
up by top news sites like BBC, Newstoday etc.

The word link
was rarely used before matt gave it a kick start, Now that word
has become very important and every seo company has included it as part of their
strategy in search engine optimization.

Matt also had a hour long discussion in webmasterradio
where he discussed about paid links, big daddy update etc.Matt’s effort to get
feed back on google’s services in great both for webmasters as well as the improvement
of their own search engine. Matt asked for feedback on webmaster
related issues
, webspam,
miscellaneous services,
will communications
, search



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Interesting articles on web spam and search engine spam,

Everyone will be interested to know how search engines combat spam, here are 2 papers from stanford which explains perfectly how search engines combat spam,

One article says everything done to improve ranking is spam, we disagree with it,

Article says

What is web spam?
Spamming = any deliberate action
solely in order to boost a web page’s
position in search engine results,
incommensurate with page’s real value
Spam = web pages that are the result of
This is a very broad definition
SEO industry might disagree!
SEO = search engine optimization
Approximately 10-15% of web pages
are spam

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Matt cutts confirms penalty to traffic power seo company

Matt cutts of google has unofficially confirmed that were banned from google for using unethical seo tactics to rank their client sites, there has been a lawsuit going on against aaron wall of seobook and for using words against traffic power

Now their complains has been confirmed and matt cutts lead of web spam team confirmed in his blog that traffic power were indeed banned from search engines,

Some previous articles on traffic power ( here ) and here.

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MSN search support much higher quality than Google – Sites gets individual attention,

MSN search team is very prompt in responding to client mails, Recently a client came to us with a site which was penalized by MSN search engine, they want us to get their site reincluded into MSN search and get the site indexed, We checked for problems and tried contacting MSN search, they gave a detailed and prompt reply,

MSN search support team rocks,

Hope MSN search becomes the search engine of the future, They are one of the search engines which can compete with google directly,

From: MSN Customer Support <*******************> Date: ******************8
Subject: RE: ************** – MSN Search: Search:Problems:finding a website
To: *****************

Hello *****************,

Thank you for writing to MSN Search Technical Support.

I am ****** and I understand that your website is not indexed in the MSN Search engine. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

While MSNBot is able to crawl many of the billions of web pages on the Internet, it can crawl them all. For example, if your site’s link structure does not have links to each page on your site, MSNBot may not be able to find all of the pages of your site. To determine whether we have encountered links to a particular page or domain, you can use the “link:” or “linkdomain:” search operator. Also, higher quality pages are more likely to be crawled than lower quality pages. For more information about search operators please visit http://search.

Additionally, not every page that is crawled is indexed. For a site to be indexed, it must meet specific standards for content, design, and technical implementation. To help ensure that your site is indexed, confirm that it adheres to our design guidelines located at http://search.

To see which pages we have indexed from a site you can use the “site:” search operator. For more information about site indexing please visit http://search.

Generally, if you follow these guidelines and MSN has encountered links to your site, you do not need to submit your URL for MSNBot to reach your site. However, if your site still does not appear in our index (using the “site:” search operator) you may want to submit your site’s URL to us at http://search.

Please note that submitting your site does not guarantee that your site will be indexed, it simply help us locate your site so that MSNBot can try to crawl it.

You are valuable at MSN and we look forward to providing you with consistent and effective service. If you have other inquiries, please do not hesitate to write back.


MSN Search Technical Support

— Original Message —
From: ***************
Sent: Thursday, ****************
To: Search.USA.EN
Subject: MSN Search:Search:Problems:finding a website

MSN Search

What type of problem do you have?
finding a website

Full Name:

What e-mail address would you like a response sent to?

Primary e-mail address/member ID associated with the account you are inquiring about:

To ensure a quick resolution, provide as many details as possible, including the date and time the problem occurred, a description of what you were trying to do, the detailed steps you took that led up to the problem, and details on any error messages that you received.
I didn’t find my site indexed in msn and whenever i look into site:*******************i never see my site get crawled. so, i kindly request you to reinclude my site. site url is : ****************88

Specific details removed purposely

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Yahoo search cache server not working, – half the time it doesnt work at all,

Yahoo’s search cache doesn’t work, Most of the time it doesnt work it is the same case now, When ever I try clicking on cache for various searches it gives the following message

“We’re sorry, but we could not process your request for the cache of ******************. Please click here to check the current page or check for previous versions at the Internet Archive.”

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Latest Pagerank update to be delayed because of bigdaddy update,

Google didnt update their toolbar pagerank from october 2005, Usually its 3 months once pagerank update these days, everyone was waiting for a toolbar pagerank update,

Mattcutts has commented on his blog that bigdaddy update is the possible reason for visible toolbar pagerank update,

We need to wait to see more green for our sites 🙂

This is what matt said about PR update,

“Ben, I don’t know and it wouldn’t matter. No idea when the next toolbar PageRank update is. I’m guessing that the Bigdaddy changes might cause the PageRank update to come later.”

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Re-inclusion timeline – one site’s experience – google 30 penalty experience shared by a member

a member in shared his experience on the 30 day penalty for sites imposed by google, Matt cutts blogged about this piloting sites idea here

A sample mail you will receive when your site suffers hidden text penalty or
doorway page penalty,

Dear site owner or webmaster of *******************,

While we were indexing your webpages, we detected that some of your
pages were using techniques that were outside our quality guidelines,
which can be found here:
In order to preserve the quality of our search engine, we have
temporarily removed some webpages from our search results. Currently

pages from ***************/ are scheduled to be removed for at least 30 days.

Specifically, we detected the following practices on your webpages:

On, we noticed the following hidden text: “seo
, search engine optimization, seo company, search engine optimization company,
search engine optimization companies ********** ***************** *******************

We would prefer to have your pages in Google’s index. If you
wish to be

reincluded, please correct or remove all pages that are outside our

quality guidelines. When you are ready, please submit a reinclusion

request at

You can select “I’m a webmaster inquiring about my website”
and then “Why my site disappeared from the search results or dropped in
ranking,” click Continue, and then make sure to type “Reinclusion
Request” in the Subject: line of the resulting form.


Google Search Quality Team

This is what chinkchink of said in his posting

“am one of those thousands who get the Google email about the 30-days
out-of-index penalty. Just want to share the timeline of re-inclusion I experienced
for others to reference:

1/4/2006 – Got email from Google about the hidden text on our website. Home
page PR 5, interior pages PR 2-4, over 700 pages indexed. Googlebot visited
daily. On some weekends, Googlebot request count was between 200-300.

1/8/2006 – website disappeared in SERP, PR drop to 0 for the entire site. Search
with “” returned 0 match.

1/9/2006 – removed all hidden text in question.

1/10/2006 – Submitted re-inclusion request.

1/9 – 2/7 – Googlebot visited about 2-4 times a day during this period. No
email or other communication from/to Google.

2/8/2006, noon – exactly 30 days after our site disappeared from SERP. Home
page PR back to 5. Log file from 0:00AM to 12:00PM shows 22 visits from Googlebot.

Back in SERP for most of our keywords but over all ranking dropped about 2-10
slots (this is natural without the hidden text). “

Interesting how google is actively seeking webmasters to clean up good sites,

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