2017 SEO predictions – SEO prediction for 2017

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 Uncategorized
  1. No more major updates from Google. There will be no more big updates from Google like it used to be. Penguin has already become obsolete or real time. Panda is continuous. So 2017 will be the end of the famous Google dances which started with the 2003 Florida update.
  2. Mobile SEO will overtake desktop. With the expected release of Mobile only index and desktop search index secondary, mobile SEO will be on top of Desktop. This is a revolutionary change since Mobile phones have always been considered as an handy tool not as a professional tool.
  3. AMP ( Accelerated mobile pages ) will be dominant. Mobile page rendering will be faster than ever with people mobile from regular hosted pages to AMP and CDNs.
  4. Voice search will become a necessity than an additional feature. Being an active user of iPhones i never used Voice feature to search. But with the constant innovation and excellent updates to voice recognition 2017 will see people moving into voice based searches.
  5. SEO for Mobile Apps will be common. With more and more ecommerce websites moving into Apps. SEO for Apps will become a common feature.
  6. Google to lose market share to more innovative and simple search engines.
  7. Paid sites like Moz, Ahrefs, SEMRUSH will go down with Google pulling the plug on excessive automated queries from rank tracking software.
  8. SEO will become pre 2003 standards
  9. SEO will become more important than ever. With the lack of Google updates there will be no more big rank changes which will work in favor of SEO companies.
  10. Long quality content pages will be dominant compared to cookie cutter small pages.
  11. Bigger brands will start focusing more on SEO. It is easier for bigger brands to dominate because they have great site. Most of the big brands already rank well but with some tweaking they can dominate a lot of competitive keywords. I am sure 2017 will bring almost all major brands on top.
  12. Structured markups will become more important than ever. It will revolutionize how search engines rank your site. Users will get additional data in search results before they click the link to your site.
  13. SEO spammers will move on top other jobs. It has already happened now most of the SEO spammers have moved on to other jobs since the panda update. Now that Google is becoming more intelligent with algorithms like rank brain, real time Panda, penguin etc it will be almost impossible to spam a site to the top of Google. This will make the SEO spam industry disappear.
  14. Analytics will play a major role in 2017. With Google’s active promotion of Google analytics and the importance of user behavior, 2017 will see people leaning more towards traffic analytics software to understand user behavior. User behavior online software like Google analytics will play a vital role.
  15. Organic search results will be ignored more by search engines to protect their own Business interests. I don’t have to explain more about this we see this all the time. Just compare how the search results look to the search results before 7 to 8 years. It is hard to find organic results now for competitive keywords, especially first page organic is buried deep down the page.

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