What Googlebot – Google algorithm goes through everyday.

Friday, August 11th, 2017 Google, SEO, Spam

Googlebot as a crawler and Google’s algorithm has to go through a lot of search engine spam / search engine manipulations every day.

googlebot search engine spam

Google faces search engine spam

Google a Goliath spider is tried to be consumed by many smaller animals. Many small animals are not aware that even Google’s Goliath fingers won’t fit in their mouth.

A small list of search engine spam Google’s algorithm faces to rank websites.

301 Redirect Spam
Ad Filtering
Affiliate Only Sites
Aggressive Link Exchanges
Auto Blogs
Automated Forum Posts
Automated Article Submissions
Automated One Way Backlinks
Automated Twitter Accounts or Twitter Spam
Buying Small/ Old / Hign Pagerank Sites
Buying Text Links
Click Fraud
Cold Calling
Comment Spam
Competitor Link Attack
Content Duplication
Content Farms
Craigslist Spamming
CSS Spam
Do Follow Links Spamming
Domain Farming
Doorway Pages
Duplicate Domains
.Edu & .Gov Link Spam
Expired Domain Spam
Fake Popularity & Fake Buzz
Fake Referral Spam
Faking ID’s
Forum Signature Spamming
Forum Spamming
Free For All Links
Google Group Spam
Google Bomb
Hidden Layer Spam
Hidden Links
Hidden tags That Search Engines can read
Image Optimization Spam
Internal Link Spamming
Invisible Divs
Invisible Table Cells
Job Posting Spam
Junk Article Sites
Junk Frequent Blog Updation
Keyword Misspellings
Keyword Page Creators
Keyword Stuffing
Keywords in URL’s
Link Dump Sites
Links Farms
Link Injection
Links From Counters
Machine Generated Pages
Malicious Web Pages / Websites
MFA Sites
MFA Sites
Mini / Micro Sites
Mirror Websites
No Script and No Embed Tag
Oneway Link Scam
On Page Spam
Page Hijacking
PageRank Sculpting
Paid Reviews
Parasite Hosting
Pay per Review
Profile Spamming
RSS feeds Spam
Scam Schemes
Scraper Sites
Search Algorithm Reverse Engineering
Search Engine Submissions
SEO E-Mail Spam
Shadow Domains
Shopping Sites Spam
Sneaky Redirect
Social Bookmarking Spam
Social Networking Spam
Spam Blogs
Spam Directories
Spam Farm Alliances
Spam Tagging
Spam Widget
Sponsoring Non-Profit Sites
Sub Domain Spam
Sybil Attack
Three Way Links
Tiny Text Linking
Title – Meta tag Stracking
Trackback Spam
Unrelated Keywords
Video Optimization Spam
Widget Forced Links
Wiki Spam
Word press hacking
Wordpress Templates Footer Links Spam
XSS and Iframes
Yahoo Answers Spam
Fake News
Spammy Schema
Annoying Ads
Negative SEO

Check out our 101 search engine manipulations to find out more.

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